Melissa Windell is a heart centered healer, medium, and psychic that works with the divine connection of the Great Mother Earth, Divine Feminine, Angelic Realm, and Spiritual Guides.  From there she connects with ones Spiritual team and higher self to support and create shifts and changes in ones life that align to ones highest destiny and soul journey.  


Melissa honors her abilities in being able to help people see the reasoning and the lessons being learned in any given moment.  She connects the experiences to different parts of ones psyche whether it is stemmed from past life karma, present time karma, DNA lineage, programming, and much more. 

She seeks the root of the situation, so she may shine light onto the experience and bring forth radical healing and transformation.

She works deeply with clients over longer period of times where she works on healing conscious and unconscious trauma, cutting cords from non healthy relationships, connecting those to their inner intuitive awakening/connection/spirit guides; as well as, working with those passed over to find freedom in their transition, and to help them communicate with those still alive.

Melissa is a profound healer, especially when one is ready to create change.

Melissa is a very gentle, kind hearted human.  She is a truth speaker and always looks for the path that offers the most growth.  This is not always the most welcomed path, but it is one that has offered Melissa and her clients the greatest rewards.

Please keep in mind the more open and willing you are to receive information the more progress, healing, and connection you will have with yourself, spirit, and Melissa. If this feels aligned to you, then please go ahead and book a reading with her. She will be delighted to work with you.

Every session is held in a sacred and confidential setting.  For your comfort and safety is always the most respected.


 Earth Feather Healings prides itself on helping each individual pursue their inner healing, awareness, and awakening.


 ~Please note~

*First time session receives $50 off hour reading or $100 off two hour reading*

(enter "new" in offer code box when booking and hit “pay later”)

Melissa has a unique balance of truth with humbleness, courage with love, and strength with compassion.

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