Melissa is here to help you grow from who you ARE, to who you WANT to be.

Earth Feather Healings prides itself on helping each individual pursue their inner calling, awareness, awakening, and healing. 

We'll start by eliminating old fears and negative patterns that have been created in the mind & stored in the body. We call in divine guidance from your higher self to support the changes that you desire in your life, relationships, health, career, past lives, karma, spirits, and much more.

We offer tremendous support in clearing spirits/beings/ghosts out of the energetic field, body, and home; helping to let go of addictions; bringing a deeper calmness in the body and better sleep. We'll address the shifting parts of your personality that you don't enjoy about yourself and areas in your life that have left you feeling stuck and/or unsettled in.

Earth Feather Healings will help you banish self defeating thoughts by channeling your immense inner power! Together, we'll strengthen your self worth and increase your self love, so you may walk the path of your highest dreams. 

Melissa Windell, helping your mind, body, and spirit work in harmony to support your best wellbeing. Go from the life you are currently living to the life that your heart wants AND desires to live authentically from. 


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