Melissa Windell resides in Longmont, Colorado, where she practices her love for helping people. 

She first started seeing spirits as a young child where she would wake up to a room filled with her ancestors. As her youth followed, it became apparent that friends found comfort with her when they were in turmoil with their lives. When she was 18, she moved to Portland, Oregon, and soon realized something was different about her. She would go for walks in the city, and while on these adventures she started noticing that when she would make eye contact with strangers she would see more than just their eyes. During that same timeframe, she also started noticing colors around plants and that they would move in a way that wind could not create.

She later moved to Arcata, CA where spirituality started to become conversation.  It was during this time that she visited her first Psychic/Medium on vacation in Florida.  During the session with the Psychic, she was introduced to her spirit guide, her great great great great grandfather, and a childhood friend, who passed away 12 years prior.  The psychic, little did Melissa know at that time, would change the course of her life forever.

She then traveled in her truck down the west coast with intentions to head towards Florida when she met her Great Aunt Millie in New Mexico.  Her great aunt enlightened her on the religion, Eckankar, and that in the 60's Millie had brought the religion to the family. This religion than became a strong value and foundation of spirituality on her mothers side.

From there she landed in her home land, Longmont, CO (by fate not desire!). A year after being planted back in Colorado she came to realize that everything she wanted to learn was in her neighboring town.  She started learning the trade of landscaping which opened her awareness to her commitment and love to mother nature.  She took that further by becoming a certified herbalist thru the North American Institute of Medical Herbalism taught by Paul Bergner in 2006.  In 2005, she enrolled to a school called Psychic Horizons taught by Marybell Newman and Hope Heweston where Melissa does continuing education from clairvoyance to Ministry so she may reach and help more people.  

Since then Melissa has taken many studies in Christa Healing, Reiki, Jin Shin, Hands on Healing; as well as, certifications through Doreen Virtue in Realm Readings and Angel Readings.

She now practices her intuitive healing gift regularly and is starting to intertwine her gifts with mother earth in the landscaping realm.  She loves to bring the magic of the plants, environment, humans, and the spirit world together.

Melissa is a kindred soul that walks with nature and politely uses the plant medicine to heal.  She holds a power of growth, tenderness, transformation, amusement, and a smile that is sure to lighten up any heart.

Some of her favorite things about walking the path of a healer and psychic are communicating with those passed over and helping them relay messages to the living and helping those deceased transition to the next plane with more ease and grace.  She also loves the power of helping one unlock their greatness and supporting them on their soul mission.

Melissa savors the hands on healing work where she engages with the Angelic Realm, Ascended Masters, and assorted healing techniques.  She cherishes seeing her clients shift into a state of relief and comfort, and the aftermath of the healing work.  She finds it ever-inspiring to observe the magic of it all unfold.

Melissa on her free time loves to dance with her daughter, take long walks, engage in deep conversations, swim, hike, travel, read, laugh, and experience her body in this lifetime with a spiritual awakened mind.

Melissa has a unique balance of truth with humbleness, courage with strength, and compassion with love.



The eyes are the gateway to the soul. 

                                                         ~M. Windell