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Melissa Windell

Psychic, medium, healer, spiritual teacher, mama, and blissful dancer.

The Dancing Psychic


"May you dance radiantly within your own light."

-The Dancing Psychic, Melissa Windell

Melissa Windell, the Dancing Psychic, is the CEO and founder of Earth Feather Healings. For over a decade, she has helped thousands of people by dancing between the realms and helping them heal, learn, grow, and thrive emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. 


After 9 beautiful years of owning a brick-and- mortar office in Longmont, CO, Melissa chose to switch her energy of being in an office to being fully remote where she can be in the comfort of her own home in Loveland, CO.  It’s from there where she serves beautiful souls throughout Colorado, the United States, and the world with her gifts as a psychic, medium, healer, and spiritual teacher.

Melissa's Spiritual Awakening


During her childhood, Melissa's night time was filled with the presence of her ancestors, often numbering over 50 souls. To her, it was a "normal" occurrence; she knew no other way.

It wasn't until Melissa embarked on her own psychic journey that she discovered her spiritual lineage had always believed in the existence of psychics, mediums, angels, and the continuity of life beyond death.

As a teenager exploring her own path in matters of faith, she encountered teachings suggesting that God resided solely within the confines of churches. However, during that period, Melissa experienced a profound realization deep within her soul:


God lives in the walls of the church, but God also lives in the temple of our hearts.


This awakening prompted her to establish a regular connection with God outside the conventional walls of a church. She found solace and spiritual communion through prayer, nature, and her connection to Spirit. She began to perceive the divine essence in all living things, from the smallest plants to the most majestic animals. Every living being held a unique and sacred purpose in the grand tapestry of life.

Through her journey, Melissa learned that experiencing a spiritual awakening is only the beginning. What truly matters is how one chooses to harness and apply that awakening, translating it into meaningful actions and contributions to the world.

Destined to Become a Psychic


Melissa’s life changed quickly when she met her first psychic in her early twenties.  For in that meeting…

She met her first Spirit Guide. 

It was a game changer for her, and things started to shift rapidly.  She then met her Great Aunt Millie, who flung the door to spirituality open wide for her and her entire mother’s family. 

Eventually, years later, Melissa came to realize… 

She, too, had a gift.


Perhaps her biggest gift is creating a safe space for people to seek answers, clarity, healing, or resolution.


So whether you’re needing help with your relationships, career, health, childhood, past lives, Beings, or trauma, Melissa creates space for you to just be you.

She is especially good at helping you clear negative energy in various forms.  If you could use some support, be sure to check out her Services page to see the details.  ​

Are you destined to become a psychic, too?  If so, be sure to dance on over to the Psychic School page, where you’ll learn how to become ‘One with Spirit’ as a psychic, medium, and healer.

Life Behind the Scenes of The Dancing Psychic


In her precious moments of leisure, Melissa finds her greatest joys in the warm embrace of her daughter, the playful antics of her loyal dog, and the gentle purring of her feline companion. But it's in those magical pockets of time where she reconnects with her inner child—through the enchantment of dance, the serenity of nature, the eloquence of silence, and the melodious art of song.

Dance, as her name suggests, holds an extraordinary place in her heart. It's where she casts aside the weight of the world, unburdening herself in a symphony of pure, unadulterated joy.

As you embark on your soul's journey and seek a spiritual guide, may you discover that one special person who speaks directly to your heart, resonating with your deepest essence.

For the true magic and profound healing to unfold, you must first find that safe haven, that cocoon of trust and support in the presence of your chosen guide.

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