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Soul Tribe Village

Find Your People  ~  Find Yourself


Does your heart ache to connect with your “people?”
Picture a safe, supportive community of spiritual seekers…
Where you’re accepted exactly as you are.

A High-Vibe Online

 Spiritual Community

If your soul longs for…


  • Psychic guidance for your personal “unanswerable” questions
  • Close bonds with other heart-centered empaths on a similar soul journey
  • Connection with yourself and others by learning spiritual self-care


…then Soul Tribe Village may be what you’ve been seeking all along.


Your “people” can’t wait to meet you!

Meet My People!

The Value of Regular

Psychic Guidance


As part of the tribe, the Dancing Psychic will help you feel more empowered to make necessary changes in your life, while better understanding and accepting things you can’t change. 

In a safe, sacred container, she will gently guide you towards what your soul most needs, while in the presence of an understanding empathic group of friends.

You also get to watch the growth and transformation of others before your eyes!


Don't miss out on Self-Care for you Soul


Did you know your soul requires maintenance for optimal functioning?

Much like a car, which requires you to add gas and change the oil, your soul also requires maintenance.

Every month you don’t meet with a skilled psychic, you risk putting yourself in tough situations without warning.  How valuable would it be for you to know such a situation is coming?

Because even if it isn’t avoidable… at least you’ll have time to prepare. 

The Benefits of Joining an Online

Spiritual Community


In this day and age, a sense of community is becoming easier to lose… and thus is even more critical for you to have. Especially with those who resonate with your beliefs and values.

Get your soul’s monthly maintenance by joining Soul Tribe Village.

Each month, Soul Tribe Village offers…

✔️ Personal psychic guidance in a group setting
✔️ A meditation from Melissa, the Dancing Psychic
✔️ A channeling from the Dancing Psychic’s spirit guides
✔️ A manifestation mantra
✔️ Access to the private Facebook group

…so you can stay fully aligned and avoid unnecessary suffering.

Are you ready to be fully accepted into the tribe… exactly as you are?

Join Soul Tribe Village today, risk free.

Start Free 30-Day Trial Now!

After your free trial, the investment in yourself is only $25 per month*.

*If Soul Tribe Village isn’t right for you, just let her know via email before your free trial ends and you won’t be charged. 

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