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Psychic, Medium,
& Teacher

Melissa Windell
JOIN Melissa's Community and GAIN instant access to 5 STEPS to FREEDOM IN YOUR BODY guide and BECOME PRESENT meditation as a gift from Melissa's heart to yours!  

Melissa's Vision is to Ignite Great Change into Each Persons Hearts that Births Miracles beyond Their Imagination.

Soul Tribe

A community of like minded hearts seeking monthly spiritual guidance & healing.

only $25 a month


About Melissa

Melissa Windell unkowningly grew up in a spiritual family who believed in Psychics, Mediums, Angels, and Life before and after death.

When she was a child, she would wake to her room filled with her ancestors.  Moving into her pre-teens;  she explored religion ​on her own, only to come to a sage wisdom that God may be in Churches, but God also lives in the temple of our own hearts.  She then began praying and connecting to God at home thru prayer.

It wasn't until her early 20's that her destiny in this World woke up, when she met her first Psychic who introduced her to her Spirit Guide.  A few life changing months later she met her Great Aunt Millie who was the door opener to spirituality to her entire Mothers side of the family.


Melissa then indulged in all things spiritual, until she too realized she had a gift.  From that day on Melissa has diligently been following her heart strings and her intuition every ounce of the way.

Melissa finds the people that are drawn to her have their own intuitive capabilities and need help creating a safe platform to develop them.  As well as, people who are seeking answers, clarity, healing, or resolution particularly with relationships, career, health, childhood, and trauma.  She works tremendously with clearing negative energy / beings / spirits, removing blocks and obstacles, past life regression, and ancestral / lineage / DNA / Akashic record updating.  She also has a deep connection with children and helping them overcome night terrors, monster in the closet energy, and supporting their highly evolved sensitive bodies.

In Melissa's free time you may find her playing and enjoying time with her daughter and her own inner child thru dance, nature, silence, and song.

When seeking a spiritual counselor may you find the person that speaks the most to you, for when opening your heart to someone you must feel safe and held by them, for the magic and healing to really begin.

Shadow on Concrete Wall



Curious about your own abilities and feel called to enhance your innate gift?


Are you seeking guidance, insight, clarity, resolution, healing?


Sip away into your soul and connect with beautiful parts of yourself.



"I left your office feeling like I wanted to live again.  Thank you Melissa"


Hear what James has to say about 

Working with Melissa

We are proud sponsors of #teamtrees.  For every student, client, or purchased item we donate a tree in honor of each life and our fututre.

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