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Melissa Windell


Psychic, Medium, Healer, Teacher & Dancer


“In addition to being a skilled intuitive, she is just pure love.”

~ N.J.

Why Should You Trust and Love Melissa, the Dancing Psychic?


For nearly 20 years, Melissa has helped thousands of healers, healthcare workers, teachers, energy workers, and others on their soul journey to recover from compassion fatigue and burnout and find their bliss. 

Whether in a psychic reading, spiritual healing, or in one of her courses, you can expect to feel safe, seen, heard, accepted, understood, and deeply known by her on a soul level.

Her approach with healings and readings is 100% founded in respectfulness of all beings, and based in dignity, honor, love, empathy, compassion, and forgiveness.


“Her gifts as a psychic medium are only surpassed by her beautiful heart, shining spirit, and care of helping others.” ~ C.M.

About The Dancing Psychic

Get an Out-of-this-World

Spiritual Education


Does your soul light up when you learn about spirituality?

Each year, Melissa hosts and teaches a wide variety of offerings sure to pique your soul’s interest. 

Check out the unique heart-centered spiritual classes, workshops, and events the Earth Feather Healings community has to offer.  From Psychic School, Empath with Boundaries, Wheel of Life, Rize Up and much more!

Learn about Spirituality

Spiritual Healing


Are you struggling with emotional, mental, or physical pain? If you've explored therapy, hands-on healing, and medication without finding relief, invest just one hour with the Dancing Psychic, and you'll depart with a profound sense of healing and wholeness that surpasses your initial arrival.

During a session, The Dancing Psychic will kickstart your healing by helping you uncover the layers of pain stored in your mind, body, heart, and soul.

She is particularly gifted at helping you clear out and understand …


Negative energy
Spirits and Beings
Blocks and limiting beliefs
Unresolvable Physical Pain


By clearing these things out, Melissa will help you stop the pain from coming back by showing you why the energy is present to begin with. 


“She totally healed my foot! ... It didn't hurt during the hike or even after!” ~ Debbie

Start Healing Now

Get a Five-Star Psychic Reading

Does not having answers to “unanswerable” questions keep you up at night?


In a psychic/mediumship reading session, the Dancing Psychic can help you…

Connect to a deceased person
Update your Akashic records
Understand how your past lives affect your current one
Understand and complete your karmic relationships
And so much more…
You deserve clarity and closure so you can move on.  Get answers to your “unanswerable” questions today!

 “She knew things about me there is no way she could have otherwise known and her words brought me immeasurable comfort.” ~J.K.

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Join Our

Spiritual Community Online

~Soul Tribe~


If you feel a pull to join the Dancing Psychic’s virtual community of open, fun-loving, spiritual people, trust it!

Try out the magical, supportive, heart-centered Soul Tribe Village community today with a 30-day free trial.

See the Soul Tribe Village page for all the details!

“I feel more at peace and aligned with my soul and life path.” ~ A.S.

Check Out the Tribe

I can’t begin to express the deep transformation that occurred in every aspect of my life

Rebecca Night

Have You Ever Wondered

“Am I Psychic?”


Develop your psychic abilities with Melissa,  The Dancing Psychic as your guide–even if you’re not sure if you have any. 


Because if you’ve ever wondered whether or not you’re psychic… you probably are!  As your teacher, the Dancing Psychic will make sure you are grounded before helping you dance between the realms. 


In Psychic School, you’ll:

Meet your spiritual team

Learn how to do psychic readings and healings

Learn how to become a psychic medium

And so much more!


​If any part of you resonates with this, be sure to check out the Psychic School page to feel all the details! 

“I was ‘psychically blind’ but now I can see!” ~ B.P.

Are You A Psychic?

How to Choose a

Spiritual Guide

One of the most important things when choosing a spiritual leader, healer, or guide is for you to feel safe and held.

Would you agree?

In all of her work, the Dancing Psychic creates a safe container for your soul to dance with hers between the realms. 


Will you take this dance with her?


“She knew more about me than I knew about myself.” ~ R.C.

“She is incredibly gifted, very funny and extremely kind.  Just being around her energy is healing.”

~ R.M.

“Even when I didn't believe the energies she shared with me, in the end her readings always turned out to be true!” ~ A.M.

Dance Between the Realms Together

Don’t see the answer to your question about psychic readings, spiritual healings, Soul Tribe, Psychic School, workshops, classes, or events? 


Simply contact Earth Feather Healings for more information.


The Dancing Psychic appreciates you being here today.  She is sending you so much psychic love for spending your time here!


As a token of her appreciation, please accept this blessing from her heart to yours: 


Dear beautiful soul, 

Today and every day…

Dance radiantly within your own light. 

Melissa Windell, The Dancing Psychic

Amen, and  Aho.

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