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Are you confused about your life’s direction, in constant pain, or feeling stuck in the past?


Do you ever find yourself wishing someone could just understand your situation and help without weeks of “intake” sessions?


Whether you’ve seen psychics before or not, booking a session with the “Dancing Psychic” might be just the medicine your soul needs.  Because…


Regardless of what you’re struggling with, she will give you clarity on your life’s path, help you heal the past, and answer any hard questions that are weighing heavily on your heart. 


Energy was made to move.  So if you’ve been holding onto something for too long…


It’s time to let it go.


Book a reading today and get the healing, direction, and closure you deserve!

“Even when I didn't believe the energies she shared with me, in the end her readings always turned out to be true!”


“She eliminated pain I have been struggling with for years!”

- D.P.

“She is a pure channel for the messages of the Divine. And her silly, sweet personality creates a comfortable and open atmosphere.”

- R.M.

Struggling with

Struggling with...

  • Constant pain?
  • Fatigue?
  • Negative emotions?
Get healing!
usure about

Unsure about...

  • Your purpose?
  • Your life's direction?
  • Your relationships?
Get clarity!
feeling stuck with

Feeling stuck with...

  • Your past?
  • The deceased?
  • Your regrets?
Get closure!

Three Entry Points.  One Path.


Don’t know which path to take?  You don’t need to.  The Dancing Psychic knows what your soul most needs.  


Most private psychic medium sessions include a combination of reading, healing, and/or mediumship, so you don’t need to know in advance. 


So regardless of whether you have something specific you need help with, or you don’t even know where to start… 


All you need to do is show up. 


Book a reading with the “Dancing Psychic” today!

She knew more about me than I knew about myself.” - R.C.

Psychic Medium Reading

Receive psychic guidance

Heal chronic, persistent pain

Connect with those crossed over

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Additional Psychic Services:

Looking for something a little different than a reading, healing, or mediumship session?  The “Dancing Psychic” offers several unique packages for specific situations.


Below, check out the 6-month Subscription, Psychic Party, Home/Office Clearing, and Ask One Question services! 

6-Month Subscription

  • Get one session per month
  • Receive psychic guidance
  • Receive spiritual therapy
Subscribe and Save

Psychic Party

  • Bond with your tribe
  • See what comes through
  • Virtual or in-person*
Let’s Get This Party Started!

Ask One Question

  • Get clarity quickly
  • Ideal for comparisons
  • Answers via email 
Ask Your Question Now

Home/Office Clearing

  • Clear away old energy
  • Start with a clean slate
  • Set high-vibe intentions
Clear Your Space

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