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Psychic School

Become One with Spirit

What Exactly is a Psychic?


Being psychic is much different than most people think. And it can look very differently for different people.

At its most basic level, a person who is psychic is spiritually sensitive to energies others cannot perceive. The messages a psychic receives can be felt, heard, seen, smelled, tasted, sensed, or simply known.

The original meaning for psychic is “one with Spirit.” It is a way of connecting with your Higher Self. By naming this program Psychic School, part of my intention is to change the energetic vibration back to its original meaning.


What is Psychic School?


Psychic School is the gateway for you to experience out of this world realms in a safe container. If you so desire, it ultimately leads to you having the skills to make a living full time as a psychic.

Her students are an eclectic, sensitive group of spiritual seekers who believe everything is connected. Many of them were drawn to the Dancing Psychic because they struggled with compassion fatigue or empathy burnout.  Others seek guidance on how to cultivate a more loving and grounded connection with their higher selves.

Is that what you’re struggling with or desiring too?

You can think of Psychic School as a spiritual trade school, where you’ll learn from a master psychic teacher how to do healings and psychic readings, mediumship (in 104), and all things psychic.

The classes are taught sequentially by the Dancing Psychic herself, Melissa, with Psychic School 101 starting once per year. Keep reading to see when the next cohort begins! 

Open your heart to possibilities, intuition, spirituality, and telepathy


Have you ever been called “too sensitive” before?

It’s one of the most damaging things to your spirit a person can say.

And I totally get it. To be honest, people used to say that to me all the time.

But here’s the truth: there’s no such thing as being too sensitive.

Because when it comes to spirituality, the more sensitive you are, the better!

You see, once you have the tools to identify, name, and sort different energies, your high level of sensitivity then becomes a bridge to possibility.

When you feel safe and sense things others can’t perceive, other realms start to open up.

Your High Level of

Empathy is an Asset

Sometimes when you’re an extra-sensitive person, you might feel a feeling of heaviness… or a tingling sensation in your toes… or slight changes in your body temperature. 

Or maybe you’ll receive messages, downloads of information for people you are near…

These are all notable intuitive hits when it comes to the metaphysical, especially when you learn about your energetic field.

This is why being extra spiritually sensitive is such a gift! 

You deserve to feel safe in a

Spiritual Community


Do you ever feel like the term “black sheep” just doesn’t describe you, given how different you may be when it comes to your level of sensitivity compared to your family or people in your local community?

In a recent Psychic School 101 class, the students soon realized, due to how similar they all were in their uniqueness, there’s nothing wrong with them.

And because of how extra special, extra sensitive, and extra eager to help and support others they are, the Dancing Psychic decided to dub them the “Rainbow Sheep” class!

For her whole life, the Dancing Psychic felt like an outsider in her own life too.

Until one day…

The Moment Everything Changed


Suddenly, she was surrounded by psychics. The church was practically overflowing with them. And for the first time in her entire life…

She felt at home.

In that moment, she realized there are other people like her in the world who are also sensitive, empathic, heart centered, and deeply spiritual.

At that time, she didn’t even know what the word empathic meant.

If you’ve never had such a moment, consider it’s possible you’ve been seeking this community for many years now.

From everyone here at Earth Feather Healings, we welcome you with full, open arms to be unapologetically you!

Develop Your Psychic Abilities so You can Heal Yourself and Others


At Earth Feather Healings, a lot of students have had similar stories of being called “odd,” “different,” emotional, too sensitive… or even outrageous.

They are also heart centered, kind, quirky, and loving people in search of fulfillment, meaning, connection, and joy in their life.

Can you see yourself thriving here?

If Psychic School is calling to your heart right now, connect with the Dancing Psychic on a 30-minute call. Let’s get curious, ask questions, and lean into what’s possible for you.

To put your mind at ease, here are three questions to think about:

What kind of life do you really want to live?
What’s been stopping you from living it?
Can Psychic School help you create the life you truly desire?


Jump on a 1 on 1 with Melissa and you’ll decide along with her if part of the answer to your longing heart is Psychic School 101.

Book your free Psychic School consult today to vision into what’s possible for you.

Connect with the Dancing Psychic

If your results came back saying Psychic School may be a fit for you… congratulations!  Here is everything you’ll want and need to know about your investment in yourself. 

Psychic School

An intimate, deep self-exploration


Space is limited to 12 students per incoming class!  And since Psychic School only begins once per year, you'll want to schedule your call with the Dancing Psychic today!

What You’ll Learn in Psychic School


Drumroll, please!! 🥁


Below are all the juicy details about what you’ll be learning every step towards becoming unapologetically you. 


What Will I Learn in Psychic School?

Psychic School 101  is brimming with good vibes.  Most class days, it won’t feel like you’re learning (but you will be); it usually feels more like a spiritual party!  Here is a rundown of what you’ll be learning from the Dancing Psychic.  

Psychic School 101
Uncovering Your Psychic Powers

In Psychic School 101, you’ll learn

Safely dance between the realms

Meet Your Spiritual Guides

How to do a full psychic reading

How to heal yourself and others

Read aura layers

And much, much more!

Psychic School 101 is your gateway to the possible.  It lays the foundation for you to explore entire other realms.  Everything you learn in Psychic School 101 will be for a reason, and the skills will build throughout 101 and all the way to 104. 


By the end of Psychic School 101, you’ll be able to complete a full, one-hour psychic reading on an individual by yourself.


And don’t worry, because…


The Dancing Psychic will make sure you are in the groove with it all. 

“I started out NOT being able to ‘see’ anything… and now I am starting to ‘see’ things.” and understand what I am seeing

~ B.P.

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Curious what you’ll learn next in Psychic School 102, 103, and 104?


Scroll down below the FAQ’s and you’ll see exactly where karma, Akashic Records, astral travel, mediumship, and so much more fits into the curriculum.

Psychic School 102
Updating Soul Agreements

In Psychic School 102, you’ll learn:

🌟 Mastering the art of relationship psychic readings

🌿 Healing karmic and soul agreements between people

🌀 Identifying and clearing ancestral lineage patterns

🛠️ Deprogramming outdated belief systems

Psychic School 103
Forecasting the Future

In Psychic School 103, you’ll learn:

🔮 Unveiling the future, encompassing timelines and directions

🌌 Understanding the realm of spirit bodies and how to navigate them

📚 Exploring the secrets of working with your Akashic Record keeper

🚀 Embarking on astral travel adventures

Psychic School 104
Learning Psychic Mediumship

In Psychic School 104, you’ll learn:

🌟 Connecting with loved ones who've crossed over

🌈 Enhancing your understanding of diverse beings and guiding them towards the light

👼 Differentiating between benevolent beings and negative energies

✨ Safely moving beings out of your personal space



Once you’ve completed Psychic School 104, you’ll be ready for any question a client might ask you during a reading.  You’ll then be within the mindful, sacred container of psychics trained by Melissa.
My Psychic Journey Starts Now!