Psychic School

What is Psychic School and can anyone be a Psychic?

To answer the second question...YES!  Anyone can be a Psychic.  Psychic means one with your Self.  We were all born telepathic, we have just been trained to use vocal words instead of our souls way of conversation.

In Psychic School you learn simple yet profound tools to help you open your clairvoyant space, your third eye, and your intuitive voice.

We always start by laying down the ground work to help you feel safe, grounded, and protected when opening up your intuition and your "feeler sensors".  

For often it is an overwhelming sensitivity to energy and the spiritual realm that keeps you from opening in the first place.

Psychic School was created for people just like you, who have always had OR wanted to have the keen sense to the other World of Spirituality.  Where we have founded our skill set and teachings on kindness within each other, clarity on your telepathic sensors, and feeling safe upon expansion of your mind and spirit.

We welcome you to finally be open, safe, and proud of who are, and the gifts within that have been yearning to shine your light.

Join the community of like minded people that connect thru the heart and thru their gifts.

Psychic School 101

Do you feel you have:


A Gift Inside you?

Intuitive Insight?

Feel other People? 

Sensitive to Things / People around you?

Do you Know things that you can't always explain?

If you answered YES to the above then you ARE an Empath, Healer, Clairvoyant.  Congratulations!  It is a GIFT!

The question is:

Do you want to Learn how to Develop your Sacred Abilities?

Psychic School 101

IS the PLACE that is


to have


At Earth Feather Healings we cherish those who are

heart centered, caring, kind,

and want to make a positive difference in their own lives,

and in return organically impact those around them.

We EACH have a born gift in this World, and it is called INTUITION. 

Only 10-20% of us humans USE it.


In Psychic School 101 you will get to learn exactly that! 


How to utilize your passion by learning tools to:


  • Strengthen your clairvoyant space

  • Grow your confidence in what you see/feel/hear

  • Become more in touch with your own self & your body


SO you may SHOW up in the World:




Beginners and Spiritually Seasoned people are FULLY WELCOMED! 


This is a school that supports ALL levels of people!  Zero judgment and open hearts ONLY here at Earth Feather Healings!


You will Learn in Psychic School how to:

  • Support your empathetic and sensitive body

  • Find / become centered / grounded in your body

  • Clean out other people’s energy

  • Hold your own energy / space

  • Create sacred space within yourself, home, anywhere

  • Meet 2 spirit guides

  • Light hands on healing

  • Developing the "3rd Eye”

  • Auras

  • Chakras

  • Do a healing on someone long distance

  • Read clairvoyantly on how someone is doing, showing up in the World, how they are feeling, communicating, if they have children, and how old their soul is

  • Discover and see a past life

  • Heal and clean out an aura

  • Heal and clean out a chakra

  • Remove and heal negative energy and energy cords

  • Hold your space when doing a reading on someone

  • Clean their energy out after doing a healing or reading on someone

Next Start Date Coming February 2021


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