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Like all great things in our life, our spirit calls us forward. 

As if a magnet is slowly pulling us towards something, we may not know why or what is to come of it, we just know that we are being drawn. 

For spirit has a plan that we yet can see.

Psychic School
Home for the Intuitive's and Empath's.

If you are reading this, this is your invitation to follow your life path.


This is your invitation to walk with your Authentic Free Blissful Self.


This is your invitation.




I invite you to INITIATE your Powerfully Sovereign Soul to LITE up with MAGIC of what is destined. 






It is time dear soul to walk the path that is meant for you.


The door is open. The time is Now.


And I soul sweetly and lovingly WELCOME you to PSYCHIC SCHOOL 101!






Spirit has LED you here to this moment to Bravely, Empathically, and Unapologetically own the YES that is YOU. The YOU that is ready to Prosper, that is ready to SHINE, and that is ready to be SEEN.

I didn’t know I was a Psychic, Medium, or a Highly Sensitive human.  I didn’t even know what the word Empath meant.


I did know that people always sought me out for condolence, advice, connection, clarity, deep emotional support.


I knew that I felt their pain easily, that I would shift how I behaved by who I was with, and I knew that I often had sage advice without having the experience or know how of where it was coming from.


All this changed the day I walked into a room full of Psychics.

I was 23 going on 24 years old, and it was the first time in my entire life  that I finally understood why I belonged nowhere, but fit in everywhere, because I was a little “odd” or a little “different”. 

It was the first time that I felt like I belonged.  


That I was at home.


Have you ever felt that way?


That you can (or can’t) fit it anywhere, but you somehow deeply understand people, that people seek you for advice, that you feel WAY more than you fully understand?


Do you ever feel this intimate desire to connect deeply with your soul, your intuition, the sensations in your body, that gut feeling, that profound knowingness?


Psychic School 101 is just that.  You will learn how to open up, connect, and understand  what you are feeling.  How to utilize these inner woven aspects of yourself to shine more fully into the being you’ve always desired.  Integrated, Sourceful, and Heart Centered.  


You will be amongst other seekers of spiritual knowledge that desire community, safety, and supported love.  For this is the container I cherish holding.


I value creating sacred space that is held firmly yet lovingly.  So you have the strong container to feel free to expand, explore, grow.  And a loving container, to ensure you feel held, nourished, loved, and supported.


For saying YES to Psychic School 101 you will be opening into the World of POSSIBLE, the World of in~betweens.  You will become what you didn’t think was real, what you thought was for “other” “gifted” people. 


You will become the GIFTED who is ACTIVATED in your Certainty, Joy, Power, Heart, Healing, Fulfillment, Passion, and Purpose.


If you’re reading this, this is your DHARMA.


This is your LIFE PATH.


This is who you ARE.


A tender hearted, spiritual empath wanting to make a difference in the World.


This most beautiful, profound side of YOU, your SOUL’s SPIRIT.

Image by Fuu J

Psychic School 101

What you will be learning and gaining you sweet sassy soul.


Upon entry you will gain access to Empath with Boundaries. 

(Live workshop for this portion of the school March 31st from 2-7:30pm / April 1st from 9-2:30pm MST. If you miss it, it will be recorded and you can watch the replay)


Empath with Boundaries will teach you fundamental and necessary tools to keep you 


  • Rooted

  • Grounded

  • Centered

  • Energetically Clean / Clear

  • Clarity- mentally / emotionally / spiritually

  • Sovereignty 


The treasure chest of tools you will learn in Empath with Boundaries will be tools you will utilize EVERYDAY in Psychic School 101.

Once completed with Empath with Boundaries


You will begin your Psychic journey!

You will open up and advance in ways unimaginable.

You will begin to access


  • Spirit Guides

  • Spiritual Community

  • How to “read”

        * Aura Layers

        * Communication styles of people

        * How you and they are are showing up / feeling in life 

        * How to see the brilliance of them

        * How old their soul is

        * Past Lives


You will Practice:

  • Reading / healing yourself

  • Reading classmates

  • Reading strangers (with classmates- so it is easier and less pressure on you!)


By the end of 101 you will:


  • Be able to do a FULL HOUR READING

  • Feel strong and safe to come out into the World as a Psychic

  • Feel healed

  • Feel understood

  • Create in a Sacred Community

  • New best friends (if you choose) and spiritual ones!

  • Read complete strangers (with their permission) all on your own and with a level of CONFIDENCE!

  • A new compassionate outlook and view on the journey of strangers

  • A new respect for the spiritual World and each individuals destined path

  • Start to make a living as a Psychic (if you choose)!

  • If requirements are met you can join and become one of the Blissful Psychics in the Blissful Spirituality community!

        * Where you can start making a living within a Soulfully Sacred Heart Centered container of other healers and practitioners that desire to build a life with like minded colleagues, support thru community, and an easy and effortless way to come out into the World utilizing that magic that lives within you!

WHEN: September 2023


What you will need:

  • Completed Empath with Boundaries

  • Pen

  • Journal

  • Colored Pencils (or something to color with)


What is required of you:

  • An open mind

  • An eager to learn

  • Commitment to YOURSELF 

A little bit about me:

Hi, I am Melissa, your main teacher, who loves to laugh and dance

        * I am sweet, silly, yet serious

        * I will nourish you and encourage you

        * I have been walking this path for 17 years

        * I am a single mother with a 14 year old, a big dog, and a kitty

        * I love to garden and go on moon hikes

        * I will push your edges because I believe in you

        * I love deep and connected conversations 

        * I have been teaching Psychic School for 4 going on 5 years and I have had wonderful and magnificent results with the students who have learned from me.

        * I love seeing the faces of my students eyes light up when they become validated for what they are seeing / hearing / experiencing.


Common Questions

Do I already need to be Psychic?

  • Absolutely not 

  • No skills necessary

  • Beginners Welcome

  • Spiritually advanced / seasoned people welcome

There is something in this program that will nourish and grow everyone

What if I miss a class:

  • No worries! Every class is recorded you can watch it later!

  • Ideally you will have watched the missed class before the next class, if not, please note that the teacher may not (and most likely won’t) have time to get you caught up during the class for they are teaching the next amazing thing!


Requirements to Graduate:

  • This depends on what you want out of it.  Like anything the more you put into it the more you will develop and grow from it.

  • Graduate: Sign up, show up to most of the classes or watch recordings

  • Certification: Sign up, show up / watch ALL the classes and are present for the LIVE readings (including in-house trades)

  • Certification and eligibility to become part of the Blissful Psychics community:

        * Certified (See above)

        * Test out positively at the end of 101 when doing live readings

        * A grounded sense in your ability (we expect you to still feel a little nervous)

        * Kind hearted and loving

        * Team Player

        * Take ownership and accountability for yourself, your actions, and the energy you bring into a room

        * Honesty and Integrity to self and the community

Empath with Boundaries:

Depending when you joined you will either

  * Get it with Enrollment

  * Pay for it Separately

      *$1000 live 10 week class

      *$500 Weekend Workshop

      *$250 pre-recorded

      *Or unique special offering

Will you learn how to become a MEDIUM in Psychic School 101

  • Great question! 

  • Not in 101

  • Melissa is a firm believer that the more you open up the more grounded and connected you get to be. 

  • She is also a firm believer in pacing yourself.

  • She does teach Mediumship in 104.  (There is 101, 102, 103, and 104) 

  • 101- Is learning how to read, how to see, how to do healings, create sacred space within yourself and surroundings, and past lives

  • 102- you learn about how to read and understand relationships between people, the past (what has happened in ones past) and soul agreements

  • 103- You learn how to read the future, timelines, directions, spirit bodies, astral travel

  • 104- You will learn how to communicate with the other side-(life after death), beings-what are they, why are they there, and how to help them move on

  • 101-104 everything builds on each other.  You either are learning how to read other people in new ways or how to deeper know yourself. Each one plays an important role in creating harmony and sovereignty in your body to hold and expand the next level of your awakening awareness.


  • Once you’ve completed Empath with Boundaries and if you don’t feel aligned with the teacher / teachings you may get a refund for Psychic School 101 (not Empath with Boundaries)

  • Once in the Psychic School Program there are no refunds.  

        * If something was to happen and you aren’t able to complete the program at that time, your journey may pause, and you may join the next year or listen to the recordings.  If you choose to listen to the recordings you will then need to join in later to do practice and live readings with the next years class or pay additional to have private live readings at your own time with either the teachers supervision or a teachers assistant.

Other things to Expect:


​​You will GROW. 

      * It will feel great, liberating, exhilarating at times.  

      *It will feel exhausting and uncomfortable at times

      *Please note we expect both of these and we are here for you and you will grow thru them.  Sometimes you outgrow who you were so you can become who are MEANT to be.  It can encompass lots of “feels”.  We know.  We’ve ALL been thru it!  That is why we are here to support you supporting yourself!

      * Your analytical mind will want to get in the way.  This is not a school to become a lawyer / doctor.  This is a metaphysical school.  We are using your imaginative / creative part of your brain.  Your analytical part of your mind serves you, 100%, but you will be enhancing this other juicy part of your mind! 

      * This is a place to have fun with honor.

How it WORKS:

  • Once in, you will receive an email within 24-48hrs welcoming you and giving you all the info needed

  • You will gain access to a portal where all the class info will be held

  • You will need to get a journal, pens, and something to be colorful with

  • Setting an INTENTION and TRUSTING- your intention is 100% of EVERYTHING!



  • Fridays from 12-2pm MST

  • The 4th week of every month we will have NO CLASS

  • There will be extra weeks / classes where we do not meet for holidays and such 

  • All classes will be held via zoom

  • School Dates are April 7th-  March 8th







CONGRATULATIONS and we full heartedly WELCOME YOU!

We know just how EXCITING and EXHILARATING saying YES to this is.

And we are blissfully grateful to welcome you. To receive you. To experience the about-to-be-birthed magic within you!


Your light, your touch, your wisdom, your magic is wanted in the World and is NEEDED.  

We can’t wait to see what is READY to BIRTH from you and how you will prosper forward~!


PSYCHIC SCHOOL 101 Class of 2023!


Dreaming the impossible into the POSSIBLE! 


Psychic School 102

What gets better than Psychic School 101?  


Pre-Requisite 101


Psychic School 102 is all about learning how and why relationships work between people.  Learning their agreements, why they have come together, family lineage, love, friendships: Relationships.

In this space you gain knowledge on how to read them, yes, but also how to help update them from the past or further past, as in a past life.


We work on exploring family patterning and upbringings and why we “are the way” we are and then we “up~level” that goodness to align to who we “desire” to be.


In this program we also work on helping ourselves and those around us understand and heal the past so we may live more fully in the now.

You will be learning how to:

*Read the Past and help heal the past

*Read 2 people's energy and how they connect.

* How to look at family energy and patterning.

* Update agreements between yourself and other people.

* Help people understand what people are learning and growing thru

* Programming and belief systems and tools to clean them out and create new belief systems and programs

* Balancing your masculine and feminine self

Next one Starts:

November 2023


Psychic School 103

Updating your Souls Energy so you may better serve your highest self.

Pre-Requisite 101 and 102

103 is a little bit about helping others, but more so about clearing your space out.

As we step into our healer path, or always lived it, we tend to be great givers and not care for ourselves as well as we could be.


This program supports just that.  We work on moving energy out of yourself, so you can fill up that beautiful soul tank of yours up with goodness.

A deeper sense of inner peace is sure to be created in 103


You will be learning:

*Read the future

*Read a room / client before entering

*How to read a room / client before entering the space

*The different Spirit Bodies

* The Astral Body

* Akashic Record Keeper

* Update Agreements 

* Create your own Reading Space as a professional reader

Next one Starts via Zoom:



Psychic School 104

Where you learn tools of the trade and the doors into Medium~ship

Pre-Requisite 101, 102, and 103

In this course you will learn how to truly connect in with the other realm of Spirituality.

104….The course most people are eager and excited to get to!

And why does it have to be so far out??? (Everyone asks) It is soooo far out for good reason.

As a school who values being grounded, in your body, and for each individual to feel held in their own sacred container we consciously chose this to be later.  Every program leading up to 104 helps support just that, the students feeling strong, connected, secure, and anchored in their body so that they feel safe when opening up to this realm.


In 104 you connect in with your gifts as a medium in a way that is truly lovely, genuine, and authentic.


You will also learn how to help spirits / beings transition over to the light.  Melissa’s personal favorite!  Let’s give them a gravy train ride to their version of heaven!


This program is sure to bring you more connected to your heart and compassion.

You will be learning:

* Detect Spirit Beings and Remove them from your Space and others

*Becoming a Medium and Honoring those Passed Over

*Feeling safe and anchored when working with the other side

Next one Starts:


January 2023

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