Psychic School

Home for the Intuitive's and Empath's.

Like all great things in our life, our spirit calls us forward. 

As if a magnet is slowly pulling us towards something, we may not know why or what is to come of it, we just know that we are drawn towards it. 

For spirit has a plan that we yet can see.



I believe we are all born with intuition, it is the gift from our spirit to our body.  But a rare few of us know how to work with it, and use it to help ourselves.

I love Psychic School, for all we are doing is helping you learn how to work with this beautiful sacred aspect of yourself.  We are offering you tools to support your opening up, so it may feel safe, controlled, and welcoming.  I am a firm believer that the more we expand intuitively the deeper connected to our body we need to be, so we may feel grounded, strong, and held within our spiritual container of ourselves.​

You will see Psychic School is broken down into 3 programs, for each program, 101,102, and 103, build on each other.  The 101 program is concentrated on creating a solid foundation, so your physical body can support and hold your spiritual body.  Within 101 we learn foundational tools; as well as, we start our beginning stages of seeing on a psychic plane.  The program is designed to support all levels of empaths:

The feelers, seerers, hearers, and knowers. 


For intuition has many senses allowing us all to work uniquely yet together. 

In 102 and 103 you begin to learn more advanced tools that really make doing psychic readings fun and beneficial, for you begin to learn profound tools that can truly help people (and yourself) heal on this journey of life.


​I would love to walk this journey with you and safely and lovingly embrace the doors of your spiritual connection with you, and witness you bloom.


If you have any questions please feel free to email me below, and I look forward to this next chapter of your book.

With greatest love, joy, and freedom,

Melissa Windell

We welcome you to finally be open, safe, and proud of who are, and the gifts within that have been yearning to shine your light.

Join the community of like minded people that connect thru the heart and thru their gifts.


Psychic School 101

Do you feel you have:


A Gift Inside you?

Intuitive Insight?

Feel other People? 

Sensitive to Things / People around you?

Do you Know things that you can't always explain?

If you answered YES to the above then you ARE an Empath, Healer, Clairvoyant.  Congratulations!  It is a GIFT!

The question is:

Do you want to Learn how to Develop your Sacred Abilities?

Psychic School 101

IS the PLACE that is


to have


At Earth Feather Healings we cherish those who are

heart centered, caring, kind,

and want to make a positive difference in their own lives,

and in return organically impact those around them.

Whether you are a

Healer, Teacher, Hair Stylist, CEO, Manager, or a Mother

the tools taught in PS 101 will positively impact your everyday experiences and interactions with those around you, and most importantly yourself.

For we EACH were born with a gift in this World, and it is called INTUITION. 

And ONLY 10-20% of us humans USE it.


In Psychic School 101 you will get to learn how to safely and securely enhance that gift! 


You will learn how to utilize your passion by learning tools to:


  • Strengthen your clairvoyant space

  • Grow your confidence in what you see/feel/hear

  • Become more in touch with your own self & your body


SO you may SHOW up in the World:




Beginners and Spiritually Seasoned people are FULLY WELCOMED! 


This is a school that supports ALL levels of people!  Zero judgment and open hearts ONLY here at Earth Feather Healings!


You will Learn in Psychic School how to:

  • Support your empathetic and sensitive body

  • Find / become centered / grounded in your body

  • Clean out other people’s energy

  • Hold your own energy / space

  • Create sacred space within yourself, home, anywhere

  • Meet 2 spirit guides

  • Light hands on healing

  • Developing the "3rd Eye”

  • Read Auras

  • Heal Chakras

  • Do a healing on someone long distance

  • Read from a clairvoyant space on how someone is doing, showing up in the World, how they are feeling, communicating, if they have children, and how old their soul is

  • Discover and see a past life

  • Remove and heal negative energy and energy cords

  • Hold your space when doing a reading on someone

  • Clean their energy out after doing a healing or reading on someone

Starts:  Next one Starts in April 2022 and is 1 year long

When: Thursday evenings from 6:00 - 8:00 pm MST

Where:  Zoom

Cost:  $3300 paid in full or $300 a month for 11 months

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Hear what Heather has to say

about Psychic School


Psychic School 102

What gets better than Psychic School 101?  


Pre-Requisite 101

In this course you will build on everything you learned in 101 and use those tools to  learn how to read relationships between people.

You will be learning how to:

*Read the Past and help heal the past

*Read 2 people's energy and how they connect.

* How to clean up the energy between the two people.

* How to look at family energy and patterning.

* Update agreements between yourself and other people.

* Karma: What it is, what it can tell you, and how to update karmic agreements.

* See what people are learning and growing thru

* Programming and belief systems and tools to clean them out and create new belief systems and programs

* Past lives between all of the above!

Next one Starts:

April 2022


Psychic School 103

Updating your Souls Energy so you may better serve your highest self.

Pre-Requisite 101 and 102

In this course you will build on everything you learned in 101 and 102 and learn how to tap into your energetic body, clean yourself out, and update your soul to help you become more aligned with your truest hearts desires.  You will also learn how to better prepare you reading space.

You will be learning:

*Read the future

*Read a room / client before entering

*Balancing your Masculine and Feminine Body

*How to read a room / client before entering the space

*The different Spirit Bodies

* The Astral Body

* Akashic Record Keeper

* Update Karmic Agreements 

* Create your own Reading Space as a professional reader

Next one Starts via Zoom:

January 2023


Psychic School 104

Where you learn tools of the trade and the doors into Medium~ship

Pre-Requisite 101, 102, and 103

In this course you will build on everything you learned in 101,102, and 103 and learn how to truly connect in with the other realm of Spirituality.

You will be learning:

* Detect Spirit Beings and Remove them from your Space and others

*Becoming a Medium and Honoring those Passed Over

*Becoming a Medium Reader

Next one Starts:


November 2023