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Put Your Psychic Party Pants On, Because…


The Psychic Party Bus is Coming!

An amazing group like yours deserves a truly special party.  What better way to get to know each other than to witness mini psychic readings together?


Whether in person or via Zoom, you’re bound to learn things about yourself and others from the “Dancing Psychic” you didn’t know.  Plus, it’s way more fun than drinking!

How Does a Psychic Party Work?


Each Psychic Party starts and ends with a nondenominational prayer, with mini-readings in between. Six people have the choice to either ask one specific question or receive a mini-reading without a question.

Build intimacy and fun for 90 minutes* for only $450–less than the cost of a nice dinner plus a bottle of wine ($75 per person, based on six people).

*Please note: 15-20 minutes of the 90 minutes includes an opening and closing prayer, leaving about 65-70 minutes for mini-readings. The $450 investment is for 90 minutes. A $25 charge is added for every additional 15 minutes beyond 90 minutes.


Are Psychic Parties in Person or Virtual?


Your Psychic Party can be done in person within 50 miles of Loveland, CO, or via Zoom from anywhere in the world. 


You’d better put your party pants on, because the Psychic Party Bus is coming!


Book your Psychic Party today!