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Obtain Secrets to Trust your Intuition and become
Divinely Guided
to Co-Create
with Spiritual Freedom.

February 13th
10:00am - 1:30pm (MST)

FREE via Zoom

Hosted By:
Melissa Windell
"Earth Feather Healings"


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It's Time to Start Walking Side by Side
with your Intuitive Self.

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Do you feel your intuition tapping at your door?

Over hundreds and thousands of years, civilizations have relied solely on their intuition, oracle seers, visionaries, shamans, and healers to help guide the way.

What if you could tap into that same resource and rely solely on your inner souls wisdom to guide you? 

Hi, I am Melissa Windell, your host, and I have been following those tiny and sometimes LARGE hunches for over two decades.  Trusting that my higher self, my intuition, my spirit guides know exactly where they are taking me.  This has to led me to a most incredible life of fulfillment, peace, calmness, serenity, abundance, and spiritual bliss.

I have found this path beyond rewarding and have made it my life's mission to help others for I know the magic it holds. Which is why I welcome you to journey for an afternoon with 6 other amazing healers and wisdom keepers to ignite great knowledge into your unique Spiritual Awakening.

We invite you to join in this LIVE and FREE one day event via Zoom with myself and the Experts below.

Come embark on a journey that births your closer to your souls calling.

Meet Your Spiritual Guides

Jacqueline Hyacinth.png

Jacqueline Hyacinth

Feminine Embodiment Mentor


Sharron Ragan

Spiritual Success Coach

Teacher of ancient rituals of spiritual awakening


Dr. Rima Bonario

Author, Teacher, & Coach

a pixilstudio-headshots-cc-002 cropped resized-2.jpg

Charles Cox


Forty years of connecting people with thru his gifts of mediumship.


Shawn Thompson

Spiritual Life Coach

Spiritual counselor, Intuitive, and gifted Medium.

Image by Linus Nylund

Melissa Windell 

Your Host & Psychic, Medium, Psychic School Teacher

Lover of life, Dream Maker, Wild Spirit, and Old Soul, Melissa Windell weaves in the beauty of being human with the ultra rich delicacies of Spiritual Embodiment.  She has been doing Psychic Medium readings for over 17 yrs and finds pure joy in helping others wake up, honor, and live a path of prosperously awakened spirituality through her Empath with Boundaries Workshop and Psychic School 101 Program.

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Grow Your Spiritual Vision

Your intuition

can help guide your path and provide clarity to any situation.

With our experienced psychics, you can get the answers and guidance that will help bring peace of mind. Get connected today!

Sometimes we just get to get out of our own way...

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