Soul Tribe

Where You Become Part of Something BIGGER

Melissa has designed and created magnificence for you to journey with monthly to support your spiritual growth, connection, and grounded~ness in this life.


Offering you tools and channeled insight to help you show up more fully and present with your everyday experiences. 

Soul Tribe Memberships


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Soul Tribe Community:


*A monthly hour call where you get to receive Psychic Insight from Melissa on the question you were seeking.  This will be on a zoom platform, recorded, and posted in the Soul Tribe Village in case you missed the call and submitted a question previously.

*Monthly Crystal Bowl Meditation by Salvatore Vitale and Melissa Windell where you get to receive the mystical sounds of crystal bowls while journeying into meditation. 

*Monthly Healing and Channeling with Melissa's spirit guides where she taps into their messages to help give us insight and guide us.

*Private community group on FB to connect with other members socially, create new friendships, and help each lift, inspire, and nurture each other!

*Access to the recent Archives where you can dive back in to what you love over and over again!

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