Melissa Windell has been serving the Boulder County since 2005 as a Spiritual Counselor, Energy Healer, Intuitive Reader, House Blessings, and Visionary.

1 hr ~ Psychic & Medium Readings (in Longmont/Over the Phone/Zoom) ~$250

Psychic readings are a powerful way to receive clarity and understanding of your present path, healing of your past, and intuitive guidance to your future.  They help remove obstacles that block you from your true desires; as well as, clear out karma, remove spirits, update energetic DNA, and connect you with your angels, spirit guides, past lives, and with those passed over.  (If you do see a time/day that works for you when scheduling please let Melissa know at

1 hr ~ Angel/Reiki Healing (Longmont location only and in person) ~ $250

Angel Healing is a phenomenal way of letting go of undesired energy, pain, and/or tightness in the body that does not serve a higher purpose.  In this session the angels come forth to give the highest level of clearing and healing.  This session is done on the body in a "Hands on Healing" process.

2 hr Session ~ 2 hr Psychic Reading and may add energy healing into this session (In Person/Over the Phone/Zoom) ~ $500

This service is great for first timers and for those of you have many questions and things in life that you are seeking direction/guidance/healing on, or there is an area of life that you wish to go deeply into and process and heal. (If you do see a time/day that works for you when scheduling please let Melissa know at

6 Month Subscription~ 1 hour session each month for 6 months (in person or long distance) $150 per month for 6 months (FOR the month of October ONLY it is discounted at $100 a month verse $150)

What a gift to consciously give to yourself. You and Melissa will work together on a goal(s) that you choose to work on. Whether it is career, love, trauma, or health. You can choose each session whether to do a reading, a hands on healing, or a more talk-therapy with intuitive guidance approach, we work on whatever your heart desires! You are may book more than one session a month at the honored rate of $100. You are allowed to offer one session as a gift, and to roll over one session if missed.

4 Month Subscription~ 2 Hour session or 2 one hour sessions each month for 4 months (in person or long distance) $300 per month for 4 months (FOR the month of October ONLY it is discounted at $200 a month verse $300)

This is supportive for those working on immediate and big life changes. For those who desire strong shifts in their life and that desire spiritual guidance / healing to help navigate the journey ahead. Each add’tl hour will be honored at $100 per hour while in the 4 month subscription package. One may choose to offer 2 sessions as a gift and to roll over one missed session.

Ask 1 Question ~ $50

When booking this session please note that the answer to your question will be answered on the following Tuesday or Thursday. When filling out the form please ask your question in the "Is there anything else you'd like Melissa to know" space in the contact form. 

House or Office Clearing (1.5 hrs) ~ $350

Remove spirits that have inhabited a space and reset the vibration to one of desire in your home or office.  We will do a clearing, a blessing, and seal the space so it is safe and filled with love.  Visit the contact page with potential dates to book the time of this service.

Psychic Reading Party (1.5 hours) ~$350

This is a fun event that allows yourself and guests to connect in with loved ones or gain intuitive insight. It is an hour and a half and hosts up to 9 guests. Melissa will do a mini reading on each guest.

Embrace the Colors Within you, the Colors of Change.  ~Melissa Windell