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Take time for yourself and join in one of our free soul~nourishing events.

All our welcome!


Opening Spirituality

August 15, 2023
6-7pm mst

Are you obsessed with spirituality and are continually looking for signs that you are Intuitive and have extra special gifts?


Then Signs That You Are Opening Spiritually class is just for you!


Join tarot reader Dan Liss and Psychic Medium Melissa Windell in this one-hour round table discussion while we help you identify signs that you are expanding spiritually and even give you a few little pointers on how to safely and sacredly tap into that beautiful part of your soul!


It is Live, Free, and open to All!


Click here to reserve your spot via Zoom!

The Power of Healing

August 22, 2023

6-7pm MST

As humans we are inedible to experience deep hurt, pain, tragedy, and trauma.

Being  the soft, gentle, loving beings that we are, this can gravely affect us, and it should, for it means we care.


We often hold onto these pain points in life and they affect our everyday experience, the real magic is that it doesn’t have to.


At any point we can transpire that pain and redirect the story line into meaning, purpose, and resolution that not only sets us free but liberates your soul into transcendence. 


Join Amrita Rose at The Unlock Your Potential Summit with host, Melissa Windell, Psychic Medium with Earth Feather Healings as we help ignite the flame to heal yourself, which strengthens and empowers you to help heal others.


In this Live, Free Round Table discussion on August 22, 2023 from 6-7pm MST you will receive golden nuggets that bring joy and delight back into that fabulous heart of yours!


Join Amrita and Melissa!  Register here and let your healing journey begin!

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Soul Bliss: Finding, Renewing, and Updating your Purpose

August 29th
6-7pm MST via Zoom

Discover the key to unlocking your true purpose at Soul Bliss, an online event that will ignite your passion and guide you towards a more fulfilling life. Join us for an immersive experience where you'll dive deep into self-discovery, gain valuable insights, and learn practical tools to renew and update your purpose. Our expert speakers will share their wisdom and inspire you to connect with your soul's desires. Don't miss this transformative opportunity to find clarity, embrace change, and live a life of purpose.



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