"I left your office feeling like I wanted to live again.  Thank you Melissa"~S.R

"To reconnecting and creating yourself.  To finding your inner you and learning to love all of it.  Bringing forth light and positivity in all things around you.  You are beautiful in all you do.  Thank you for sharing it with the world Melissa Windell."          ~O.J                                                                               

"Melissa is a wonderful, caring healer. Just like the 'Long Island Medium' on TV, her readings are comforting, helpful and convey important messages.  I am grateful for her guidance in helping me lead a happy and fulfilling life."   ~C.C                             

"I must admit...I was reaching way outside "my box" by calling Melissa to set up my first session. I was in a VERY DARK place, struggling with several LARGE life situations & was reaching out everywhere to gain insight and support. Melissa not only quickly put me at ease, but exceeded my expectations on what I would learn about myself, my current situations and how to navigate my way back to my higher being! Thank you Melissa Windell! I look forward to our next session!!!"                   ~G.F

I began seeing Melissa at Earth Feather Healings less than a year ago.  From the first session with her, I felt lighter, my inner light glowed brighter, and my darkness that I hauled with me like a paralyzing two ton sack of regret, anger and resentment began to lighten.  Through her energy work, guided meditations and readings, I experienced a powerful shift in the core of my being that has facilitated the reawakening of my long forgotten ability to love more freely, manifest with greater results, and extend more empathy and understanding to others.  She shared tools and techniques with me that empowered me to maintain my own sustaining energy rather than absorbing and internalizing others’ draining energies.  I’ve learned to consciously release energy that doesn’t serve me and is isolating me from the energy that fuels my spiritual growth and renewal.  That skill has freed me of my former hesitations to cultivate meaningful relationships as I know that no matter how em-pathetically in tune to someone I am, I can reclaim my own energy and not suffer from emotional vampiri-sm as I so often experienced in my past.               

 If you are interested in exploring an alternative approach to mental and spiritual healing, I highly recommend that you make an appointment with Melissa.  The only thing you have to lose is the weary weight of lugging stagnant energies and beliefs that no longer serve you.   ~K.W

"I would like to take a moment and give gratitude to you Melissa for taking the time to come to my home and share your gifts. Your warmth and compassion were greatly appreciated, and your wisdom and insight helped me not only make peace with recent challenges, but also helped me understand the relationship between different aspects of my life and situations that I hadn't considered before. Thanks for bringing peace and kindness not just to me, but to my home as well."                 ~E.M

"Melissa is amazing. I would recommend her to anybody :) you actually have to experience it for yourself to actually understand the feeling after an energy healing/reading! Love it." ~S.M.

"I first met Melissa at my birthday party. My friends and I thought it would be fun to have a psychic to my party. Melissa came highly recommended by two ladies that were at my party. I was the first to have my 30 minute private session. Melissa was very intuitive and validated so many aspects of my life and past. Melissa has an amazing personality and energy. I have since had multiple 60 minute private sessions with her. It has been very healing for me. I am glad she came into my life."                   ~A.S

"Thank you so much for the energy healing session. I have felt a sense of clarity -- like I have a much better understanding of myself and what I need to do to take care of me since my session with you. Thank you for your support in the wake of the flood and during my displacement. ♥"                           ~E.B

"Thank you Melissa for your words of wisdom! Thank you for your positive words and your amazing messages. I live by the lessons I learned, or at least try to, everyday!
Thank you! "                                                                                     ~V.P.

"The first time I met with Melissa was at a party where she was doing mini one-on-one sessions. I am not new to the world of psychics or the likes, and I find Melissa to be very intuitive and validated many aspects in my life within our 30 minutes together. Everyone else at the party had the same experience and we have since invited her back for more parties as well as private sessions. She offers a comfortable and welcoming energy in her work and I would recommend her to anyone."                    ~J.M


"Melissa did a reading for me and I got a lot out of it.  Really helped me with a few things.  Plus she's just an awesome person! Highly recommend her."                                    ~A.G

I was told by a friend of mine that it was a MUST for me to go see a psychic named Melissa.

I did as I was told.  I walked into my first session with her not sure what I was doing there, but I also knew I was I needed something to change in my life.  My heart had been broken and was unrelenting on healing, my business was about to go bankrupt, I needed a new car, and was not sure how I was going to make my mortgage.

That one hour with Melissa completely flipped my impossible life into another impossible.

Melissa worked on cutting energy chords with my ex and we did some energy clearing on my business and home.  I left her with homework and I took deep guidance into Melissa’s words and did as she said.

I went home, cleaned and cleared my house as told, did healing work around my ex, and before I knew it I was energetically 20lbs lighter.

I had miracle after miracle happen in the following months.  I was no longer grieving my ex, (which I was also in a therapy class for), but the most miraculous things happened.   I had someone offer to buy my business while keeping me on as an employee; they bought me a car, and encouraged me to go on vacations (which I did a lot of).

Two years later, after my first session with Melissa many more shifts have happened that feel like they appeared out of the sky.

I am now on a different path of finding my true happy and am currently doing the “new” homework that Melissa has sent me with.

I think the greatest gift above all is that I felt empowered in who I am and started creating my life from that place.             ~G.F


I have done my own work on my intuitive path, but needed outside guidance when I searched and found Melissa.

Something about her called to me, she felt safe.

I have not had the easiest life and am well aware of my past that has haunted me for many years.

I have a saddened list of abandonment and being neglected by my parents, physical and sexual abuse as a child, followed by a very debilitating relationship that I was severely abused in and the memories of the relationship left me with high anxiety, fear of my own home, my own bed, even my own thoughts.

When I went to see Melissa I was in a strained relationship with a different man that I thought was going to end, and was having daymares and nightmares.  

I came in and received a two hour session with her, the psychic reading and an Angel healing, since that first session I have been in multiple times for the same service and brought my spouse in once when he was visiting (he works and livesin a different country)

Melissa and I have done deep, deep, deep work on clearing the emotional charge around my past and shedding the anxiety of my present life. 

A year has passed from the first time I stepped foot in Melissa’s office and appr. 5 to 6 sessions later, and I could not be more grateful for the new charge I have for life.  My boyfriend and I are stronger than we have ever been.  Melissa encouraged me to start selling the furniture in my home that held traumatic memories for me, and I took it further to selling everything in my home including the house itself.

I have decided to move states and start a new job where I am closer to my boyfriend and my family where I also chose to start healing that relationship for myself whether my family wants to or not.

My partner has showed up for me in ways I could never have imagined, which Melissa said to step back and let him take charge, and he is doing exactly that and I am so grateful.

I had her come and do an energy clearing on my home where she found a long lineage of anger and abuse in the home prior to me, which she cleared and set a new story to begin in the home of a peaceful life that has dreams being accomplished in and a thriving life of joy and comfort.

I am so grateful for finding Melissa, for she has offered such a sacred, non-judgmental sanctuary for me to be raw, vulnerable, and exposed in.  In her offering this space for me we were able to clear the monsters in my mind and space, and help me get my feet and self love/confidence on the ground again. 

I can definitely say that the work Melissa has done with me in our sessions have completely changed the course of my life.  I live a life that I actually want to be in now.    



I had started to embrace a brand new life change when I found myself on the path of a separation leading to divorce.  What I did not realize at the time was that I was also divorcing my old self.  A few months later of the separation I found a book on Buddhism.   The following months I started meditating, re-stimulating my passion for art, and coming across new paths of people which is when I found Melissa and Earth Feather Healings. 

I received a one hour Angel Healing from her where I had asked her to have my chakras balanced.  I was very open to receive the healing and my doors were wide open for more changes.  During the healing session I felt energy moving out of my body and a flood of memories and emotions surfacing.  After the session Melissa had suggested using crystals and gems to help support my empathetic body and my immune system, she suggested placing the stone Tourmaline on my large intestinal area (for I was recovering from Celiac Disease).  I followed her instructions and actually fell asleep with it on my lower abdomen.  The next morning my body was definitely flushing toxins that lasted the whole day.  By the following day I felt a huge shift in my physical body of what felt healthier and stronger.

The following two months after my session with Melissa a lot more changes happened.  I had a new born confidence and created a site for my artwork.  I also had long desired to be out of the field I was working in and to move towns which happened a lot quicker than anticipated ( within a month actually), she also suggested a company for me to work for that I am now currently at and has completely shifted my way of thinking and my life. 

A few months of moving towns and starting a new job I met an owner of an art gallery where I now show my art work and am currently collaborating with; as well as, helping the community and the people which was where my heart always wanted to be.

I know my life would have changed with or without Melissa, but having that one session with her I feel cleared a ton of old energy out of my space that was weighing me down and shifted my energy to a higher place where I was able to create my goals at a more rapid speed.  If it was not for her ongoing insight I would not have landed the career I am in now that is opening my horizons to many more opportunities that I look forward to embarking on.  

                            ~ T.S