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Psychic School 102

What gets better than Psychic School 101?  


Pre-Requisite 101

In this course you will build on everything you learned in 101, but the main difference is instead of learning how to read others (which you will continue to do), you will be moving a lot of your own energetic space that no longer serves you.

You will be learning how to:

* Read 2 people's energy and how they connect.

* How to clean up the energy between the two people.

* How to look at family energy and patterning.

* Update agreements between yourself and other people.

* Karma: What it is, what it can tell you, and how to update karmic agreements.

* See what people are learning and growing thru

* Programming and belief systems and tools to clean them out and create new belief systems and programs

* The past lives between all of the above!

Next one Starts:

October 2020 In Person on Tuesday evenings


August 2021 Long Distance via Zoom

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