Psychic Readings


Each hour long session is $250 or you may choose a 2 hour session for $450. 

May be done In-Person or Long-Distance

***Repeat clients receive 20% off any session of your choice ***

***Code is REPEAT***

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Psychic readings is one of the most sought out and ancient arts of humans dating back to the beginning of time.

Oracle readers, shamans, medicine healers, visionaries, witches, crystal ball readers.

They were the people that helped guide, navigate, and lead their people.

That is truly what connecting with a psychic readings can be like, they are not "when will you pass away, is this your soul mate, etc."  They more represent a birds eye view of your current life (how to navigate it and what to expect), or a worms eye view of the understandings and energtics of your circumstances.

Readings are like "seeing a therapist who knows."

or Spiritual Therapy.

The areas that Melissa Specializes in are:

* Helping one understand why certain things are happening

* Past lives and their connection to present time

*Family lineage- how / where / why their energy is operating thru you or why you have certain patterns / behaviors you are unable to kick

*Updating Soul and /or Family Agreements

*Understanding the energy between relationships

*Cutting cords from unhealthy relationships

*Childhood Trauma

*Sexual Trauma

*Healing the past

*Navigating the Future

*Removing spirits and beings that are attached to you / others

*Brightening and strengthening your light in the World

*Awakening your Divinity

*Fast tracking your career path

*Helping you feel grounded and connected to your body

*Supporting Empaths, healers, intuitives

*Shadow work (working on eliminating blocks that keep you from moving forward in life)

* Working with Children who are empaths or have night terrors (this is usually done thru one of the parents)

*Relationship Healing

*Connecting you to your spirit guides, angels, creator, deceased humans / animals, your higher self

A psychic reading is like taking a journey into your soul.  In a very sacred, honored, and loving way.  For you are always protected by Divine law, only what wants to be looked at will surface the rest will be hidden for your own precious gem box.

Each reading is drastically unique, for each person is a special light in this World and should be seen and honored in that way.

Psychic Readings


Each hour long session is $250 or you may choose a 2 hour session for $450. 

May be done In-Person or Long-Distance

***Repeat clients receive 20% off any session of your choice ***

***Code is REPEAT***

Psychic readings are a powerful way to connect in with your spirit guides, and your higher self to gain wisdom and clarity for your future, and healing from your past.

  They help remove obstacles that block you from your true desires, clear karma / past lives, remove spirits, and update energetic DNA.

$150 for half hour

$250 for 1hr

$450 for 2hr

Do you have just one question you are seeking an answer on?  $50 for one question and you will receive your answer via email.

If you do not easily see a place to ask your question when submitting please send an email with your question.  Please note all questions will be answered on the following Tuesday or Thursday.

Are you ready for big change or could use long term support?

A subscription is perfect for that.

You receive a 1 hr session each month for 6 months for $150 a month.

Together we join forces to create dynamic change and loving support in all the areas you desire.  Whether it looks like Spiritual Therapy, Hands on Healing, or Intuitive Guidance.  We are committed to your growth.

Do you have a group of people who would love to gather for mini Psychic Readings?

You may have up to 6 people for 1.5 hrs for $400.  There is an additional $25 for every 15 min. that it runs over

Home or Office 

Clearing and Blessing

Is your home or office accompanied by spirits or negative energy, and you would like to feel safe and create a loving and welcoming environment?

$400 for 1.5 hrs minimum

Join Melissa's Community and GAIN instant access to 5 STEPS to FREEDOM IN YOUR BODY guide and BECOME PRESENT  meditation as a gift from her to you!
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