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Victim Verse Agency

Manifesting From Victim~hood or from Agency?

Often times we get stuck in an unconscious place of victim~hood. Whether it is:

Playing Small when you want big

Not asking and sticking to what you want

Thinking you will never get it

Self Sabotaging

The list goes on and it shows up differently for everybody depending what you are trying to cultivate. A good rule of thumb....Does the same thing with different people / experiences keep repeating itself? And are they negatively repeating themselves?

If so that is most likely your own inner stuff working against you

...or for you.

To help you shift out of creating from a place of victim, pain, fear, and agony into abundance, greatness, joy, love, freedom.

These "Repeat / Cyclic experiences are helping you open your heart, mind, and broaden your perspectives so you may cultivate the reality you desire from a conscious place of Agency of who you are TODAY in this EXACT moment, and Who are shaping yourself into be.

The grand question is where are you manifesting from? And how may these different energies be brewing for you?

With shining love,

Melissa Windell

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