The Steadfast Bald Eagle

Updated: Jan 25

The Steadfast Bald Eagle

Quiet down and still your thoughts. Now is the time to unleash your mind. Allow the mental clutter to drop away.

Observe and slowly gain a new focus. What are you trying to achieve, what is it your heart truly desires? How does that feel, your desire? Is it calm, anxious, exciting? Now sit with the thought of your hearts truest longing until it feels calm, peaceful, and attainable.

Now let’s focus and sharpen your vision to a clear precision.

What are your action plans, how are you going to succeed at receiving you visions, your dreams, and your goals.

Now wait. Don’t rush. Be patient. Watch. Not from the playing field but from up here, the arms on top of the tree. To catch your prize you must first watch and observe your prey. For it may not be as easy as it seems, you must become one with it. You must watch how it catches its food, where it goes to play, where its home is and its daily routine and route.

Now observe how it would feel to take flight towards your goal? Than to capture your goal with your raw claws, now how does it feel to be in flying with your prize in your talons? And then how would it feel to taste your prize?

Now that you can visualize the route of your dream, feel the capturing of your dream, and have the taste of it, you can effectively follow your plan of capturing your goal with patience, precision, diligence, and effortlessness.

Now young one it is the time. You are now ready to take flight, spread your wings, and capture your dreams.

And the moment you capture your dream, fly as high as you can, soar the sky with those strong bountiful wings, and fly with integrity and pride, for you did it. You captured your prize and this is the moment that is yours forever.

Be proud young eagle.

Be proud.

Melissa Windell

Photo by Madeline Barbera on Unsplash