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The Heart of a Crystal Child

The sweetest breath crossed the Earth and then came the Crystal Child.

Crystal children were a follow-up gift, after the birthing of Indigo Children, from the Great Spirit to bring warmth, softness, connection, heart, healing, and an abundance of deep caring into the world.

Crystal Children are soft. So soft, gentle and tender. They are very emotional beings who care deeply about all the helpless things in life that could use a tender human to look out for them and protect them.

They are the voice and guardian of plants, insects, creatures, rocks, gems, stones, air, water, and earth.

They continually advocate for all needing a louder voice.

What is a Crystal Child?

A few signs of the Crystal Child include:

If they see a stone on the sidewalk that fell stray from the other rocks or is in danger of a moving car, like in a driveway or on the street, the Crystal Child will go out of their way to pick up the stone and bring it to safety or with the rest of its stone tribe.

They are the first ones to spot a bumble bee or a plant that needs water or attention.

They will become deeply upset if you cut the grass or prune flowers for they are afraid you are hurting the plants. In fact, they may even feel the pain of the plants being hurt by the lawn mower or pruners as they are being trimmed.

They will be the one to argue with you about climate change.

They also may be developmentally slow to speak as an infant growing into a toddler.

They may take years to speak, in fact.

For they are the observers. They watch, study, and observe the energy of all things.

They will most likely not be the one to play sports, or to rough house, or cause trouble. They are the peace makers.

They bring love, calmness, gentleness, kindness, and compassion to the world.

They are often bookworms, activists, or work for non-profit organizations; they usually gravitate towards things that contribute to society or the Earth.

Who came first...the Indigo Child, or the Crystal Child?

Crystal Children were born after the Indigo Children, who are the Warriors of Great Change in the World.

The Crystal Child comes in after the Indigo Child to help clear up, clean up, and better the Earth. They work together quite beautifully.

They are the softness the Indigo Children need to feel seen, and they need the Indigo children to destroy broken systems and ignite the change. For they are too tender and soft spoken to destroy or to act out harshly to create the much-needed change.

If you have a Crystal Child, congratulations! You have been blessed with a most gentle and loving child.

How can I best support my Crystal Child?

Slow down, breathe, be gentle, and listen to what they are caring about, or be still and observe what they are observing.

Do not pressure or rush them, for they are slow movers and deep, deep observers.

Take your time, hold them, cuddle them, let them cry about the sweetest things in the world, like a fresh-cut flower. For they feel the pain of every living thing. Let them be sad for the plant for as long as they need, then have them say a sweet prayer or blessing over the plant to honor its journey.

On a grander scale, continually guide them to find a purpose that helps them heal the thing they are passionate about. Perhaps it's cleaning up the oceans, or saving endangered species of plants or animals.

The secret to a Crystal Child is soft, gentle, love.

Open your arms and receive.

From my Crystal Child heart to yours,

Melissa Windell

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