The Formidable Owlette

Updated: Jan 25

Oh owlet come close to me little one, snuggle in tight. Don’t be envious of my feathers dear one your time will come soon when you will have your very own. For now, it is your time to nourish your body, collect your strength, gain your wisdom, and nurture your inner power, so when the time does come your courage will be steadfast.

Yes dear owlet, I see all the lovely creatures playing during the day; you will soon learn that the great creator gifted you eyes to see at night, and wings to take flight in stealth silence, and talons to capture food for your inner hunger. The greatest gift of all from the creator that is special to our kind is our ability to see all that is happening full circle while standing still holding your ground. The ability to observe, collect your thoughts, and when your heart races with passion and desire takes over your body than owlet, than is the moment to take flight into action. Then dearest, you will be blessed upon the realization of the power of your gifts from the great creator.

Human race looks at us as a messenger of death. But death dear owlet does not always mean the emptiness of the life no longer living, oh no owlet, it also means that the time has come for pure and untamed transformation. That may only be awakened by the death of what no longer serves one in life. Do not be afraid of what is leaving, nor mourn for the loss for all is part of the great creators plan. In these times of deep change dear owlet, it is empowering to stand your ground and observing full circle of what all