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Sweet Talkin' Raven

Oh dear Raven, what do you have to say to me among those tall tree branches above me. You squawk and talk every time I pass by and you seem to be everywhere I find me.

Are you carrying a message for me that I am not hearing or seeing?

Is it time for old parts of me to die and transform? Or has someone close to my heart been carried away?

Your dark feathers and strong beak show me that death and life are always one, and we must be resilient no matter how tough life becomes.

What are you showing me Sweet Raven?

That it is time to let go of the old worry, pain, trauma. and story I have been carrying around for over a decade, and that it is time to rebel into my greatness? Leaving no shadow unseen? Playing in all the might and glory? Letting go of the chains that have captured me to tightly to the past and showing that even black birds can sing and fly high above the tree line?

Oh sweet Raven, what have you done to me?

Asking me to rise to the challenge, asking me to brave my heavy armor, making me be seen in all the messy colors that forbid me?

What have you done making me delight my heart into the wild open? Making me love once again? Forgive yet more? Surrender beyond the floor?

Oh sweet Raven,

Thank you for showing me that who I am is no longer more, that the past may no longer haunt me for it is me, and that my shadows are free to be in the light, and that I too am capable of transcendence, and the time is now to step profoundly into the all becoming one that lives so greatly and daringly and bravely within me.

Thank you sweet Raven Spirit,

For at the end of that dark hidden tunnel you left me one of your feathers to remember the strength that lies with in and that the dark has become our beauty.

Thank you Raven,

My Sweet Talkin' Raven.

Melissa Windell

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