Pelican Amity

Spread your wings and fly with me dear one. Trust in my courage and follow my lead until you find your own. If you took the time you would realize you have four toe, you are the only type of bird that has webs between all four them toes. God gave you that gift so you would have everything you need to succeed in being a profound swimmer, use them with strength, courage, and wisdom.

Do you see your bill? How it is shaped unlike any other? How it expands and becomes greatly enlarged? That is the creator’s gift to you of abundance dear child. Your bill, which at times may seem quite large and awkward allows you to engulf over 11 liters of water child that is 3 gallons worth. Do you see any other bird not of our type that may do that? No child that is our gift to the pelican tribe.

Our bill teaches us to take as much as we need or want. We take what is the finest to us, what we need to thrive in life, the fish. Than we allow the rest to rush out being free to reach other living creatures needs. To not hoard the excess water and nutrients, but to receive your fill and then share the rest. The gift of living on earth is to learn the tranquility of giving and receiving. Shall for your bill will be the gift of abundance to others, just as humans have the gift of speech. It is crucial that both our kinds speak from abundance, kindness, love, and joy, for that is what we most desire to receive, so shall that be what we give.

Do you see my nestling that our species gather on the edge of the water where it is secluded, and safe? Where we come together as a family, as one. This is where we join in love, trust, and respect; this is your family, your firm rock when you feel unstable, this is your haven. Now I want you to look over there in the distance, in the nightlight, you will see one of our kind wandering on the other side. That is to teach you my nestling that although family is important; it is of value to cherish yourself and your time alone. This is where the greatness of learning self derives from, hearing your own thoughts, your own ideas, and your mind slipping into quietness to the transience of the stars dancing on the mirrored surface of the rhythmic water.

This is the magic of being a pelican my nestling. You have the ability to fly with expansive wings, to dive into the water with fierceness, to swim like you were born a fish, to walk on land like a furred creature, but most of all you have the magic of being the one and only you. Take your lone night swims and let the visions come forth, and allow the courage to embrace your visions embody you. But remember your family, your roots, your ancestry, for when you fall or all alone you will need us to comfort you and love you to the next body of water.

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