Navigating Territories

Updated: Jan 25

This year the terrace has been thick, energy has been heightened, anger has risen, and all we can do is......

That is the question.

What can you do?

Feel it.

That's what. Feel it.

See it.

Witness it.

Choose what you would like to do with what has shown up for you this year.


In case you have noticed this year has NOT allowed us to AVOID anything.

This year has asked to LOOK. Be PRESENT. FEEL. And I am mean REALLY FEEL. If you didn't get a chance to learn from the hardships in April, you got another chance in June/July, and in case you MISSED both those opportunities, the Universe is offering a stronger chance to look and DEAL with it RIGHT now. For the past month. And for another week.

We have been given SO much OPPORTUNITY to witness, learn, heal, and grow this year.....lucky us! But truly we are lucky because we are strong, resilient, adaptable, and we are in control of our thoughts. Allow yourself to realize that everything this year has brought you. It has brought you more into alignment with what truly serves you.


The Winter Solstice (Dec. 21st) is just around the corner and is our breathe of fresh air from the depth of this years trenches. The Winter Solstice is offering us new insight, new growth, and new lightness if that is where YOU choose to put YOUR energy. It is however directed wherever you put your thoughts and intentions. Where would you like to see the end of 2020 and the first half of 2021 lead to? Put your heart, vision, and words there, and you will be surely grateful you did.

Hang in there, even the trenches have their glory,


Melissa Windell

Photo by Richard Hodonicky on Unsplash