Mariposa Amore

Dearest Child, butterflies are one to be of wonder with. They hold the power of endless creativity, breaking limiting boundaries, and pushing the edges of existence.

They are the masters of metamorphosing. To see a butterfly is to see something that completely surrendered their identity, they desolated their form to birth a new existence.

To see a butterfly means you’ve seen something that is not afraid of the dark, not afraid of its alone time, not afraid to crawl away from all that its known, not afraid to let go of what no longer serves it, and takes all that it was, and did not want to be anymore to create what it was meant for. When you are scared of change dear child remember the bravery of the spirit of the butterfly.

Butterflies teach us that magic does exists, and that dreams do come true. They are triumphant of what might look like failure to some, only to persevere, and finally to succeeding. They represent strength in walking away from their old selves, holding their dream vision, action, patience, and gentleness within self and the world around them, a humble softness to their immense strength, and a gentle yet magnifying beauty.

When you see the butterfly, know that you yourself have transformed. You have overcome something that felt impossible, and you are magic in existence.

Paint your wings dear child, and fly gently, beautifully, and proudly into the world. There is no need to fight anymore, for you have freed yourself.

Melissa Windell

Photo by Arvid Høidahl on Unsplash