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Integrated Shadow

What does that even mean?

We all have aspects of ourselves that we do not like or are ashamed of. We have made choices that we are not proud of. We have had our own sets of trauma, abuse, neglect, abandonment, pain that has happened in our life.

Not ONE human is exempt from that. Not even Jesus. He was put on a cross and had nails put into him, because he stood up for his beliefs, his hearts message, his passions in life at that time.

No wonder being ourselves is scary.

We are afraid of being punished, and we tend to hide all the things that we think others might view as bad. We hide them away from others.....and ultimately away from ourselves.

We forget we that we are lovable.

We are whole.

We are worthy.

And sometimes it is not about hiding these aspects of ourselves but saying hello, honoring the sad parts of ourselves, healing them, working with them, integrating them into



our WHY.

There is nothing about you that needs or deserves shaming...

only love.

That is shadow. All the parts of us that we hide from ourselves, our light.

And often times those areas of us need to be addressed, looked at, cried over, felt, to bring it into the light to be healed, loved, to be part of who we are and our WHY to becoming who we want to be.

Not so it can be forgotten, but so it can be INTEGRATED into the BEAUTY and MAJESTY of who we are.

I see you and I love you just for who you are,

Melissa Windell

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