Great Heron

Great Blue Heron I see you standing still, Stoic, All Knowing, feeling Rest Assured, Comfortable in your Body.

I see you Watching, Observing, Standing Alone, Patient, Unwavering.

I see you elegantly being.

Just Being.

Not Doing.

Being who you are. Being one with self. Being one with Life.

And only when you feel fully ready do you move. Your level of deep trust within, and your ability to listen is one of impressionable wisdom.

I see you standing still, strong, mighty, confident, gentle, captivating, capable.

I see you standing still and I remember those are all things I would like to become.

Thank you Great Blue Heron for reminding me what is possible within me and what I am capable of.

Listen and you will find the Wisdom of the Great Blue Heron wisp thru your ears.

Melissa Windell