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First, There Were Indigo Children

Indigo children are incredibly special. And I don't say that just because I am one. You see, each Indigo child CHOOSES to come into this life to dismantle the system, to change the pathways, and to create order in a long ancient line of injustice and disorder.

They are often labeled the difficult child, or the one that never runs out of energy, who can't sit still, and often gets into trouble.

What Exactly is an Indigo Child, Anyway?

Indigo children are the path makers, the warriors, the system corruptors, the ADHD wave, the rambunctious, wild, can't control, challenge-the-teachers, might-not-fit-in, always-into-something kids.

Do you know anyone like that? Perhaps a sibling or a parent...or maybe even your son or daughter, ha- or even you?

Often confused with ADHD or Autism, Indigo children are distinct from either of those two groups in several ways.

For instance, when Indigo children call out the authorities, which I see as part of their calling, it's usually not graceful at all.

And while this trait is shared in common with ADD or ADHD, in my view, that's pretty much where the similarities end.

Yet part of what explains the confusion lies in the perspective and belief system of Doreen Virtue. According to Doreen, ADHD stands for...

"AttuneD to a Higher Dimension."

Which makes total sense to me, because...

They came here to shake shit up. Yes, I said that.

For decades, if not centuries, the system collectively has served its purpose and no longer runs in a way that serves the highest good.

Which is why, on a spiritual level, we all called in the Indigo children.

We called in children that would alter the corrupt and misaligned ways of current societal systems.

When Doreen Virtue spoke about the 1999 school shooting in Columbine, Colorado, she explained that both boys were Indigo children.

The shooters saw changes that needed to happen. And they took matters into their own hands...literally.

Don't get me wrong. It was a horrible tragedy, and one I wish didn't happen.

And yet reflecting on it almost 25 year later, it has shaken people up in a big way, for better or for worse.

Could it be said that it was the shooting that changed the trajectory of an entire nation? Surely.

They Often Take a Life Path Others Can't See or Imagine

When I think of Indigo children I get an image, every time, of a young person going through the jungle with a machete clearing and creating the path. A new path. They BRAVE their way, not always knowing where they're headed, but knowing they can't rest until they get there.

If you think you may have an Indigo child, there is hope. Ready for the key to working with and supporting them?

If your Indigo child has no rules, no boundaries, is ignored, not nurtured, not supported, and most importantly, does not receive help DIRECTING their purpose, it's a recipe for trouble. If the cycle is not interrupted, they'll eventually either explode, become corrupt, or feel full of rage...

Just like the teenagers who did the Columbine shooting.

Let's go deeper here because it's both valuable as well as important.

The Choice Every "Lost" Indigo Child Must Make

The two boys who did the Columbine shooting were kids who were unpopular misfits who felt bullied, ignored, and betrayed by their school. They did not feel heard, seen, valued, or, most importantly, supported by their teachers, family, and friends.

They were not the first kids to feel this way in the world. Not even close. In truth, this theme in the public school system in the USA has been recurring for decades, probably centuries.

The school system was broken.

They knew it. And others may have too. They each felt shamed by the higher-ups, while the popular kids were favored and received praise. But like most Indigo children, they couldn't handle it.

Which gave them two choices: to implode or explode.

In this context, imploding would involve giving up their spirit, and just going through the motions of life, knowing they were meant for greatness on a soul level, but losing sight of it.

Exploding would involve finding ways to cause destruction outside of themselves, so they didn't have to implode.

Unfortunately, evidenced by the April 20, 1999 events at Columbine...

These two Indigo children chose to explode.

I share this not to scare you...especially if you have an Indigo child. I share it so you can be empowered to give your Indigo child what they need. So they can shake things up in more appropriate and acceptable ways. Ways this world desperately needs.

Their Gift and Legacy

As tragic as Columbine was, there is also a silver lining that came afterwards. These children highlighted two things that have scarred the lives of millions of children, both before and after the shooting:

Bullying and favoritism.

In 1999 especially, these were two places in society in need of drastic change. In essence, the shooting was a huge wake-up call and catalyst to stop the bullying and favoritism in the public school system.

These two boys ACTED on the injustice of their situation. They chose to show up in a way that simply could not be ignored. They chose to shine a bright light on a very, very broken system.

And they went to an extreme to break a multi-century corrupt pattern in society. Not because they felt bad for other people in their situation who'd experienced bullying or favoritism.

Instead, their personal stories, experiences, and needs were not tended to. Which strikes me as good news. Because legislation and societal changes may take awhile...

But talking one-on-one to your Indigo child is something you can do today.

The Risk of Doing Nothing to Help

Since Columbine, there have been 15 mass school shootings. Can you believe that?

Take a look at the Nashville Christian School shooting. This shooter was a transgender person who went to a Christian School led by a leader who posed in a Christmas photo with his family who were all holding rifles and guns.

Can you imagine what kind of experience this person may have had by going to this school?

To paint the picture, the shooter was a male at birth, but identified as female. They were probably attracted to the opposite sex. Plus, they went to a mostly-white Christian school, led by gun enthusiast.

There is little room for that type of person in a traditional Christian environment. All too often in this situation, they are heartbreakingly seen as sinners and devils.

This Indigo child, who came into the World to show the World where it gets to heal and wake up acted out in a way you could not hardly bear to witness.

This transgender raged against the system, the people, even their own family who chose to not love the differences in people and who repeatedly put them in a system that was and is corrupt, in my opinion, and chose to not grow, heal, understand them, and most importantly, love and accept them.

And while these are extreme examples how an unsupported Indigo child shows up in the World. ..

A less extreme version would be a child who is often called into the principal's office...or who is constantly getting in trouble with the authorities.

PLEASE understand: they are doing their job.

They are waking up society. They are challenging the way things were, and offering a glimpse into the way things could be.

How can you support your Indigo Child?

Well I'm so glad you asked! In my experience, the best way to support an Indigo child is by witnessing what they are passionate about and finding ways to support them in that passion. For example, if they are passionate about Legos, give them more things to build.

Then, if they grow passionate about how they don't like school, get curious and ask them what they don't like about it. Listen, and take notes. Help them recognize what they think should change and help them find a way to support that change in a way the authorities can receive.

Also, give them healthy boundaries- somewhere that meets them in the middle. And of course, teach them right from wrong and how to work with their high-energy emotions that they embody.

If they become angry or unruly...

Hold them. Hug them. Let them scream and cry. Then lean in. Get curious. Ask questions. LISTEN. Get clear on what is really bothering them and help them create positive, impactful change with their anger.

Since most Indigo children are extremely passionate, teach them how to use their passion in a way that betters society.

The most harmful thing you can do to an Indigo child is to ignore them, push them away, put them on prescription drugs (be mindful with this), or put them in situations that tries to correct, hinder, or shame who they are at their core.

Because keep in mind, no matter how much they want to, they can't change this. It's just the way they are.

Instead, the best thing you can do for an Indigo child is become compassionate, lean in, hug, love, redirect, and support them. If they are in pain or hurt by society, that is where their ability to heal the World is going to come from. Use their pain to teach them how to create new pathways in the jungle of this World.

What is the Fate of my Indigo Child?

As previously mentioned, Indigo children most often make some type of splash in the world - sometimes with harmful effects.

But other times, they are here to change the World in a big, important way. If you're the parent of an Indigo child, they chose you as a parent to support them. They chose you-on a soul level-because they believed in you and your ability to truly see them and nourish the path and mission they were sent on this Earth to accomplish.

A few examples of other Indigo children include the founder of Google, Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Barack Obama (he is more of an Indigo / Crystal child- that will be a different blog post!), Michael Franti, Elton John, Tina Turner, Madonna, and myself.

Who do you know that is an Indigo child? What qualities and characteristics do you see about them? How can you nourish, support, and direct that passionate, wild, untamed soul of theirs?

Let me know in the comments; I'd love to hear!

May your Indigo child be strong and passionate and have a rooted mission in life that positively betters the World!

Melissa Windell

P.S. In case you can't tell...I'm passionate about helping Indigo children and their families. If you've got one, or know of one, be sure to book a reading for your Indigo child today.

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