Elegant Swan

Updated: Jan 25

Come dear child, it is time to learn about the gift of heart-ship.

A sacred place, one for the purest of hearts, beyond the trees, deeper into the forest, behind the tall water grass you will be blessed in the presence of the keepers of love.

This is a place where one goes when they are ready to open their hearts, connect their minds, and deepen their soul, a place where one is ready to expand their consciousness into the heart of another.

But first we must learn so we may cherish this gift with every ounce of our being to fulfill our destiny.

Quietly now, for we want to observe and not disturb the delicate nature of love.

SSShhhhh….do you see them, pure & graceful in form, elegant in length, tranquil in space, this my child is the gift of the swan. They find th