Crow Wisdom

My first experience with Crow medicine:

I was enjoying a sleep over at a friends home. I could not sleep, so I laid there thinking and looking at all the shadows in their room when all of a sudden a shadow of a black crow in the still of the dark flew towards me and over me. Shooken and stirred I finally fell asleep. The next morning I drove home and walking thru my front yard I spotted a dead bird. It was young crow whose spine had been ripped away from its body.

For years following that night into day, I kept having more and more encounters with the crow medicine. Nothing I read about the spirit of crow felt aligned to the messages I was receiving. So for years I remained perplexed.

Until the other night in a most shamanic dream bath journey when a crow came into my path. The crow went straight to the dark places in my body that were holding pain. It first went to my heart and pecked its beak into my chest and pulled out what looked like a dark ruby, it planted that dark ruby into the dirt next to me and immediately a tree grew 30 ft high with leaves made of gems, and berries, and flowers of all sorts that allowed different insects and creatures to nourish from.

The crow then had me lay on my side as it went to the back of my heart and pulled out a round moonstone from my back. It lightly placed the gemstone on the soil beneath me where a centipede came ad burrowed it into the earth. The earth started using the gem stone as nutrients when I heard the message of the crow come thru the voice of the Wind:

The Crow the transformer of death who raises one unto another layer of consciousness and enlightenment of the souls evolution..

This crow had took from my body what was dying and brought it to a new form of life, a new way of being.

Which is why we often see crows around when death is near for the Crow is helping us (them) transition into Enlightenment.

Crow Medicine the transformer of death who raises one unto another layer of consciousness and enlightenment of the souls evolution.

May the Crow always be within us,

Melissa Windell

Photo by Khadija Yousaf on Unsplash

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