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There are moments in all of our lives when everything just begins to fall apart. Call it bad luck, the Dark Night of Soul, your Saturn Return, whatever it may be, when it feels as though the whole World is against you. You start losing friendships, lovers, partners, jobs. It is as though each thing you ever identified with slowly one by one dissolves right before your eyes.

And the worst part of all of this is...

we start to lose ourselves.

But did you ever think that maybe we were suppose to lose ourselves. That all of this is not the World conspiring against us? That maybe it is the Universe MAKING us change for we were / are on the wrong path? And that we are not living our best life. Better yet, our best SELF?

That in order to become who we are meant to be the old part of us needs to die?

The Universe is ALWAYS looking out for higher self and sometimes if we repeatedly keep ignoring the million little pieces of clues they have given us, they give it to us in a way we can no longer ignore.

And we are forced to become who WE WERE ALWAYS MEANT TO BE.

The bridge between the old self and the new self can be terrifying, scary, wobbly, un-secure. It can feel awful. And often times it is awful. That is a 100% valid. BUT.....yes....but the outcome is ALWAYS worth it.

Sometimes, often times, we need to believe in the Unknown, the Unforeseen, and have a little faith in Spirit, in God, the Great Creator, Ourselves, new people coming into your life and take that risky step into the Unknown for the Greatest part of yourself is waiting on the other side.

Waiting for you to surrender what once was and open to what is becoming.

The Crossroads of

Soul Transformation.

Melissa WIndell

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