Beaver Trails and Hidden Tails

Updated: Jan 25

Dear child today is the day you learn about the boundless and wise beaver.

It is easy to spot their work, and not as easy to spot them, but once you do they will make sure you know they see you.

You see people foreign to the land find the beaver disastrous, but people of the land find the beaver a blessing.

You see the beaver first looks for the part of nature near the great river that is weak, lacks vegetation, and is thirsty.

Once the beaver finds the place where Mother Nature needs a large drink, it begins to look for young trees in the area and brings them to the ground so the more mature trees have the opportunity to become large and great. They still honor these young trees by giving them a new purpose. They use the gift that the Great Spirit gave them which is their strong big teeth; they use their teeth to cut down these trees.

Once the tree falls to the forest floor they drag the tree into the river eventually creating a dam where the water stills where the trees have fallen. This in turn allows the water to cover the surrounding land.

This damming of the river gifts to great purposes. It creates a place where the beavers can create a home and it helps the fish in the water from going down the river allowing the hard working beaver to eat and feed their growing beaver family. In return the fish, the river, and the life in the river feed the land it has swelled on. It supplies nutrients to the land while giving the thirsty land a large drink.

When the land is filled with drink and food and the fish have slowed, the beaver destroys the dam allowing the river to be freed. Once the river is flowing again and has moved off of the land it was just resting on. The land now has a new beautiful opportunity to replenish because it now has nutrients from the river bottom and is full from a deep drink of water. This creates a perfect environment for new plants and trees to re- seed and grow. The new vegetation that flourishes creates new homes for insects, birds, and other wildlife.

The beaver then moves on down the river looking for another part of the land that needs help.

The beautiful part of the beaver child that I love the most is, their strong work ethic, deep love for their family, the ability to love and support nature where needed, to know when to create and when to destroy, but also that they hold their own boundaries firmly.

If you noticed when they spot you they slap their thick tail on the wood and water creating such a loud alarming noise letting you know that you are entering their comfort zone and would like you to not come closer. It is so beautiful for one to know what their safe zone is, and to be able to communicate it when it is being crossed and is not welcomed.

Sweet one, when the beaver comes into your life they are communicating to you that it is time to nourish your home, work hard and then feast, take care of your family, to not stay in one place for too long for your spirit and service to the world are needed elsewhere, to find where it is that your services are best needed, and also to stand up for yourself and your beliefs. To not let strangers enter your space, and to protect your creations, for you have worked hard for them and they deserve to live until you feel complete with them.

Melissa Windell

Photo by Jon Sailer on Unsplash

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