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An Unconventional Woman

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

I want it ALL.

I have chosen to be a woman.

A mother.

A single mother.

A single mother who tries her best to co-parent.

A multi business owner.

I drive a truck and mow the lawn in a dress.

I climb on roofs and clean gutters wearing all white.

I walk the neighborhood in my robe.

I own steel toe boots and still find reasons to wear them.

I try to pee outdoors as often as I can.

I smile constantly.

I laugh in hopes it is contagious.

I am bound by laws that I constantly want to break.

I am free at heart.

I am a lover.

A fighter.

An Edge Pusher.

A doer.

A creator.

I chose it all.

I am a successful career woman.

I am an amazing mother.

I could be a better daughter and sister.

Wish offers me room to grow and look within.

I am an amazing lover and partner.

When I was born, I was born unto a soul of a wise crone woman.

I was gifted the spirit of a bewildered, tame-less, innocent child.

I live in a body of a sensual, vivacious, erotic woman. Who lives on the edge in all that she does.

I am a woman.

Strong, vulnerable, honest, proud, humble, loving, caring, soft.

I am raw.

I am a woman.

I carry my heart with kindness, grace, and openness.

I hold the light within my womb.

A place to feel, be, hold, nourish, love, surrender.

I carry my heart on my sleeve for all to see.

In good faith that others will behave, and be brave.

I am a woman. Strong. Proud. Me.

Melissa Windell

Photo Credit Mark McDade

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