A beautiful Day to be Alive, It Is

Updated: Jan 25

Think, we get to live to tell the tales of the great 2020 combats!

This will go down in history forever!

From massive fires, to coronoavirus, to Black Lives Matter, to the great division of Republican verse Democrat, Trump verse Everyone else! We get to tell stories of this when we are wearing our adult diapers and have great grand babies crawling all over us!

It may not seem great now, but with every greatness in the World came terrible hardships along the way. Just like the Lotus, in the dark marshy muck grows bestowed beauty.

Often times we need all systems to crash, foundations to crumble in order to rebuild again.

We are the progressive souls chosen to come into this World and live at this time to help be the voice, the action, the visionary of Radical, Revolutionary change. So what part are you going to activate to help streamline better change for the Whole? Are you most passionate about:


Climate Change


Women's Rights

Animal Rights

Water Rights

Black Lives Matter Rights?

Be the voice, the action, the visionary of the change you wish to see. We are all in this together, and we need each of us to help to make the Whole better.

Take a good nap and then go out there and be a wave maker!

~Melissa Windell

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