Men’s spiritual divinity

To be a man, is to be of Greatness. Kindness. Gentleness. Strength.

For they show the way of the future of all the younger to be men. And for how their daughters should be treated. It is with great dignity and pride one should feel to be a man.


As a man walks this earth he has been asked many things. To be strong. Determined. Wise. Provide. Proudful. Emotionless. To never show weakness. To handle, process, and deal with life alone. All alone.

Not anymore. We gentlemen have been entering a new paradigm. A paradigm that lives from the heart not the egoic mind. A time where the women around you are becoming more strong, independent. A time where the women need you to rise with them, for they want you by their side. (if you choose women romantically).

How do you rise to this challenge? You open your heart. That is how.

Scary? Terrifying? Resistant?

It is okay. That is most likely the way you were raised. You never knew better, but I am sure that as a child you had emotions and feelings. But then had your emotional voice shut down.

Earth Feather Healings knows this and wants to help be a door opener that offers you your emotional voice, heart, and self back.

What it would it be like to have males to talk to? To process life with? To share insight and wisdom? What would it be like to watch a son cry, and not be shamed?

What would it be like to love all parts of yourself?

Men’s Spiritual Awakening wants to hold space for you and has created a safe and sacred environment that allows you to do all of that. For you to open, share, connect, build, and create from an authentic and loved place.

What a gift it would be to be live authentically in the now.

The world is ready for you and needs you. Earth Feather Healings wants to help shine the way.

Men’s Spiritual Awakening welcomes you NOW.

  • Starts Feb 21, 2020 - Dec. 18th, 2020

  • We meet one Friday evening a month for 10 months

  • From 6-8pm

  • At 440 Main St. Longmont, Co

  • Cost is $60 per month for 10 months

  • Limited Space to 6 ready to Awaken Men

  • $20 Pre-registration fee (non-refundable), and if signed up before Oct. 31, 2019 you reserve 30% your first months payment

Reserve your Space HERE