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Welcome Gifts

Welcome to your free WELCOME GIFTS

Included you will find your

5 Steps to Freedom in Your Body


a Be Present


(that walks you thru what you learned in the 5 Steps to Freedom in Your Body in a meditation),

and a bonus meditation of

Chakra Enlightenment

A guide for the energetically sensitives to have tools to help support and create energetic boundaries for their empathetic bodies.

A short meditation that encompasses the tools learned in the Freedom in

Your Body to help you feel settled, grounded, and centered.


Your added Bonus:

Chakra Enlightenment Meditation


Desiring to become a part of part of something bigger and Receive Monthly Guidance? Join the Soul Tribe Village!

Join now and receive your first 2 Weeks FREE!

We are Grateful to have you here today and hope you loved your gifts!

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