Empath With Boundaries

Calling all People Who Are:

*Sensitive to other peoples energy

*Overwhelmed in crowds

*Require lots of alone time to recharge / regroup

*Manage lots of other people or a household

*Have a hard time disconnecting your thoughts / people from the day

* And / or do you love what you do, but feel exhausted and drained at the end of the day?

This course will be especially helpful if you are a:







Massage Therapist

Beauty Industry



And you desire to feel more energized, present, and collected throughout the day.

We want to help you feel grounded, content, safe, and calm in your body and everyday experience.

In the Empath with Boundaries Weekend Workshop

You will learn:

How to support your "Energetic Body" 

Be learning how to ground, recenter, restore your mind, body, and energy field

Notice when you have other people in your "space"

How to clean those "other" people out

How to "bring back" your energy

Create a sanctuary in your home, environment, within yourself

Learn how to feel safe and honorary of your physical space; as well as, when you are in the company of others.


This class is open to all ages from 13 and above.

The 2 day Workshop is part of what is taught the Psychic School 101 program for it is part of course 1 of the 3 courses taught. If you chose to join the Psychic School 101 program you may receive $225 off your first month of school as a credit to the program.

When: Oct 15th-16th

Fri: 6:00pm-9:00pm

Sat: 9:30am-5:30pm

Where:  Zoom

Cost:  $375

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