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Light and Shadow

Imagine your best life…
Where your intuition is your guide,
Your higher self is your spiritual compass,
And you’re free to be you,
Everyday, everywhere. 


Psychic School

Where you shift from questioning in your mind...

"Am I psychic?" to knowing in your heart,

"I am psychic"... and are living from this place!

Wait a sec!  What exactly does it mean to be psychic?


Being psychic is much different than most people think.  And it can look differently for different people.  At its most basic level, a person who is psychic is sensitive to energies others cannot perceive.  The messages a psychic receives can be felt, heard, seen, smelled, tasted, sensed, or simply known.


What is Psychic School?


Psychic School is an eclectic, sensitive group of spiritual seekers who believe everything is connected.  You can think of it as a spiritual trade school, where you’ll learn from a master psychic teacher how to do healings, psychic readings, as well as mediumship.


Open your heart to possibilities, intuition, spirituality, and telepathy


Have you ever been called “too sensitive” before?

It’s one of the most damaging things to your spirit a person can say.


But I totally get it.  To be honest, people used to say that to me all the time.


Here’s the truth:


There’s no such thing as being too sensitive.


Because when it comes to spirituality…


The more sensitive you are, the better!


You see, once you have the tools to identify, name, and sort different energies, your high level of sensitivity then becomes a gateway to possibility, opening up other realms, simply by helping you feel safe in sensing things others can’t perceive.


Sometimes when you’re an extra-sensitive person, you might feel a feeling of heaviness… or a tingling sensation in your toes… or slight changes in your body temperature.


Or maybe you’ll receive messages, downloads of information for people you are near…

These are all notable intuitive hits when it comes to the metaphysical, especially when you learn about your energetic field.  This is why being extra sensitive is such a gift!  


It is time to WEAVE all of YOU sweetly into the abundance of your HEART and SHINE BRIGHTLY.

Image by Jeremy Bishop

You deserve to feel safe in a Spiritual Community


Do you ever feel like the term “black sheep” just doesn’t describe you, given how different you are from your family, as well as those in your local  community—especially when it comes to how sensitive you are?


In a recent Psychic School 101 class, the students soon realized, due to how similar they all were in their uniqueness, and all shared the common family title as the "black sheep", that there’s nothing wrong with them.  And because of how extra special, extra sensitive, and extra eager to help and support others they are, Melissa decided to upgrade their black sheep title to the “Rainbow Sheep” which they now are called the Rainbow Sheep class! 

How the Dancing Psychic Came to be

For her whole life, Melissa felt like an outsider in her own life.  That is, until one day…

She found herself in a church in a room full of psychics.  And for the first time in her life, she felt at home.


In that moment, she learned that there are other people like her in the world who are also sensitive, empathic, heart centered, and deeply spiritual.


At that time... 


She didn’t even know what the word empathic meant.

If you’ve never had such a moment, consider it’s possible you’ve been seeking this community for many years now.  From everyone here at Earth Feather Healings, we welcome you with full, open arms!

Deepen your spiritual gifts and use them to heal yourself and others 


At Earth Feather Healings, a lot of students have had similar stories of being called “odd,” “different,” emotional, too sensitive… or even outrageous.  They are also heart centered, kind, sensitive, and loving people in search of fulfillment, meaning, connection, and joy in their life.


Can you see yourself thriving here?


If Psychic School is calling to your heart right now, fill out the application below and then receive a 30-minute heart to heart connected call with Melissa herself!  Let’s get curious, ask questions, and lean into what’s possible for you.


To put your mind at ease, here are three questions to think about:


  • What kind of life do you really want to live?

  • What’s been stopping you from living it?

  • Can Psychic School help you create the life you truly desire?


Together, you and Melissa will see if Psychic School is the answer to your longing heart.


Send in your free application and receive your free Psychic School consult now to vision into what’s possible for you.

And don't worry if you're shy and not quite ready to connect face to face yet, fill out the Psychic School Application to get a feel if this is right for you and you and Melissa can go from there via email or however you are most comfortable.

Psychic School: An intimate, deep self-exploration

Space is limited to 12 students per incoming class!  And since Psychic School only begins once or twice per year, go ahead and schedule your call with Melissa today.

Ready to start now?  Awesome!  Simply click one of the buttons above.

Are you an inquisitive mind that needs more information about Psychic School?

We’ve got you!  Keep reading.

What Will I Learn in Psychic School?

Psychic School 101 is brimming with good vibes.  Most class days, it won’t feel like you’re learning (but you will be); it usually feels more like a mix between a fun class and a party! 


Psychic School 101

Uncovering Your Psychic Powers


In Psychic School 101, you’ll learn:


  • How to create a sacred container while remaining grounded and connected to your body

  • Meet your Spiritual Guides

  • How to do a full psychic reading

  • How to heal yourself and others

  • How to read aura layers

  • And so much more!


Psychic School 101 is your gateway to the possible.  It lays the foundation for you to explore entire realms.  Everything you learn in Psychic School 101 will be for a reason, and the skills will build throughout 101, all the way to 104. 


By the end of Psychic School 101, you’ll be able to complete a full, one-hour psychic reading on an individual by yourself.


But don’t be scared!


The Dancing Psychic will catch if you fall. 

What Current Psychic School Students are Saying

Image by Zac Durant


I felt like a fraud.  Pretty much everyone else in my Psychic School 101 class seemed to be seeing things... hearing things... knowing things.  The shame and anxiety because I couldn't psychically see or hear felt crippling.   Then one day... it clicked.  I had been clairvoyantly "blind," but thanks to Melissa and Psychic School 101,  now I can see!

Image by Samuel Austin


"I am on my third year of training with Melissa in Psychic School 103.

What I have been learning with Melissa completely changed my life.

I use the tools gathered from her teachings every day: with my family, in my car, and in my professional life.

The container she creates and what I continue to learn keeps me excited to come back week after week."

White Plants


" I first came to Melissa for a session and then she told me about Psychic School.  For weeks I could hear my passed-over grandma's voice whispering for me to join.  This was the best decision I have ever made.

It has transformed my relationship with my family and before [Psychic School] 101 even finished (I am in 103), I already started my own business doing Psychic Readings.

I now do it for a living.

If you are on the fence JUST DO IT!

I promise you, you will thank yourself!"

Image by shawnanggg


"It took years of working on my intuition and spiritual gifts before I committed to PS101 and I’m so glad I did! Every class is a joy and Melissa creates such a vibrant, safe space for us all to explore our inner eye.

I had only recently subscribed to Melissa’s mailing list before I received my first ever feather sign on my patio nudging me to say YES to Psychic School during enrollment."

The next Psychic School 101 cohort begins…


WHEN: September 26, 2023 - November 5, 2024

WHERE: 100% virtual, via Zoom

TIME: 5-7 pm Mountain time


If you’re ready to meet the Dancing Psychic and see if Psychic School is a fit for you…


Start YOUR Journey TODAY!

How Much Does this Journey into Your Soul Cost?


$10,000 Pay in Full HERE

$680 x 15 months Payment Plan HERE

Early Bird Special (ends Aug 31st)

$8,800 Pay in Full or Payment Plan Available

(You may do month to month or create a unique plan with Melissa)

Curious what you’ll learn next in Psychic School 102, 103, and 104?


Scroll down below the FAQ’s and you’ll see exactly where karma, Akashic Records, astral travel, mediumship, and so much more fits into the curriculum.

Frequently Asked Questions:


What do I need to bring to Psychic School 101?

A pen, a journal, and something to be colorful with.


Do I already need to be psychic to join Psychic School 101?

Absolutely not.  Beginners are welcome, and no prior psychic skills are necessary.  In addition, if you have experience as a psychic, learning the tools in Psychic School will deepen your ability to support your clients in your existing practice.  


What if I miss a class?

Each class is recorded, so you can watch it later.  Keep in mind, however, much of the material is experiential, so missing class should be an exception and not a habit in order for you to truly embody the teachings.


What’s required for me to graduate Psychic School 101?

Simply show up to the majority of classes and/or watch the recordings of any missed classes if you’re unable to attend live.


What’s required for me to become a certified Psychic School 101 graduate?

To become certified, you need to show up for all live classes and/or listen to all class recordings, plus be “in the know” for all materials covered in Psychic School 101.  In addition, you must actively take part in the live readings, including trades with your peers; as well as, pass the experiential exam at the end.


Will I learn how to become a medium in Psychic School 101?

No.  You’ll need to complete Psychic School 101, 102, and 103 prior to enrolling in Psychic School 104, where you’ll learn to connect with the other side, your mediumship.


Can I get a refund if I quit midway through Psychic School 101?

Not a full refund, no.  After the first 9 weeks of classes, if you don’t feel aligned with the teacher or teachings, you may get a refund for the prorated portion of your payment (not the first 9 weeks).  Once you start in week 10, there are no refunds.


What if I need to pause because of an emergency?  Can I resume Psychic School later?

Yes, you may join another class (space permitting) if you need to stop attending Psychic School for reasons outside of your control.  You can always still listen to the recordings, but you would either then need to join the next year’s class (for no additional charge), or meet privately with Melissa or a teaching assistant (for an additional charge) to get caught up on the material.


Can I really learn to be a psychic?

Yes!  The more curious, open, and excited you are, the better.  You have innate psychic abilities; in order to access them, you simply need to be willing to learn new skills.  You may be naturally stronger either at psychically seeing, hearing, feeling, or knowing, and this course very much caters to your unique strengths, while also developing your areas for growth.  If you feel a calling or a draw to say YES to having a conversation with Melissa about Psychic School, there is a part of you that knows you are capable of growing into your psychic abilities, even though you don’t know how.  Your sensitivity to your intuition could be a sign this is the next step for you.


What if I don’t want to do psychic readings for people?  Can I still take Psychic School 101?

Absolutely!  Once you learn the skills, you’ll always have them.  You can choose to use them right away, in a few years, or not at all.  It’s completely up to you.  Or, if you’re a practitioner (e.g. body worker, therapist, Reiki healer, CEO, nurse, manager, etc.), you may use them to complement or deepen your existing practice.  Before making it her life path, Melissa didn’t use any of her psychic abilities for seven years after deeply cultivating them.  So if you’re on the fence because you don’t know how you’ll use your newfound skills, there’s zero pressure.  You don’t have to.  Melissa is waiting for you with an open heart, cheering for you to choose yourself and your life’s highest, most fulfilling vision. 


How long does the entire sequence of classes take to complete?

All in all, including a year of apprenticeship at the end, it takes about 5 years.  Yes, it’s a big commitment!  For this reason, Melissa schedules breaks, to make sure you have the time to rest between classes.  There are breaks between courses, as well as holidays and vacation times. 


What if I want to enroll in Psychic School 101, but I’m scared?

There’s no obligation to join by simply getting on a call with Melissa.  Just say to yourself, “fuck it!”... and do it anyway.  You can figure out the details once you’re on the call, since the call’s purpose is to decide together whether or not Psychic School is the right fit for you.  So allow your mind and body to get quiet for one moment, tune into your heart, and ask the question, with your eyes closed: “Do I want to join Psychic School?”  Listen and feel for the answer, and no matter what, trust it.  If you got a “no,” I genuinely hope you find what you’re seeking.  And if it’s a YES, what are you waiting for? 


Psychic School 102

What gets better than Psychic School 101?  


Pre-Requisite 101


Psychic School 102 is all about learning how and why relationships work between people.  Learning their agreements, why they have come together, family lineage, love, friendships: Relationships.

In this space you gain knowledge on how to read them, yes, but also how to help update them from the past or further past, as in a past life.


We work on exploring family patterning and upbringings and why we “are the way” we are and then we “up~level” that goodness to align to who we “desire” to be.


In this program we also work on helping ourselves and those around us understand and heal the past so we may live more fully in the now.

You will be learning how to:

*Read the Past and help heal the past

*Read 2 people's energy and how they connect.

* How to look at family energy and patterning.

* Update agreements between yourself and other people.

* Help people understand what people are learning and growing thru

* Programming and belief systems and tools to clean them out and create new belief systems and programs

* Balancing your masculine and feminine self

15 Month Journey


Starts Shortly After 101 ends


Psychic School 103

Updating your Souls Energy so you may better serve your highest self.

Pre-Requisite 101 and 102

103 is a little bit about helping others, but more so about clearing your space out.

As we step into our healer path, or always lived it, we tend to be great givers and not care for ourselves as well as we could be.


This program supports just that.  We work on moving energy out of yourself, so you can fill up that beautiful soul tank of yours up with goodness.

A deeper sense of inner peace is sure to be created in 103


You will be learning:

*Read the future

*Read a room / client before entering

*How to read a room / client before entering the space

*The different Spirit Bodies

* The Astral Body

* Akashic Record Keeper

* Update Agreements 

* Create your own Reading Space as a professional reader

15 Month Journey

Starts Shortly After 102 Ends


Psychic School 104

Where you learn tools of the trade and the doors into Medium~ship

Pre-Requisite 101, 102, and 103

In this course you will learn how to truly connect in with the other realm of Spirituality.

104….The course most people are eager and excited to get to!

And why does it have to be so far out??? (Everyone asks) It is soooo far out for good reason.

As a school who values being grounded, in your body, and for each individual to feel held in their own sacred container we consciously chose this to be later.  Every program leading up to 104 helps support just that, the students feeling strong, connected, secure, and anchored in their body so that they feel safe when opening up to this realm.


In 104 you connect in with your gifts as a medium in a way that is truly lovely, genuine, and authentic.


You will also learn how to help spirits / beings transition over to the light.  Melissa’s personal favorite!  Let’s give them a gravy train ride to their version of heaven!


This program is sure to bring you more connected to your heart and compassion.

You will be learning:

* Detect Spirit Beings and Remove them from your Space and others

*Becoming a Medium and Honoring those Passed Over

*Feeling safe and anchored when working with the other side

15 Month Journey


Starts Shortly After 103 Ends


Psychic School


Where you travel alongside Melissa and learn how to teach

Pre-Requisite 101, 102, 103, and 104

In this course you will learn how to teach others to open their door to spirituality.

You will travel alongside with Melissa as she teaches an entire cycle of 101 students.

You will begin by deepening into your own ability to carry a sacred container while feeling grounded, full, and light in your own space.

Then you will help her welcome the next generation of students in while Co-Teaching with her.

You will be learning:

* How to Hold Space

*How to Teach


2 Year Long Journey


Following the Graduation of 104 and the Opening of the Next 101

Shadow on Concrete Wall

How Will Psychic School Touch Your  Life

Begin your Journey NOW and Spread those Big Beautiful Powerful Wings!

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