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So you are thinking you want to become part of our Soul Tribe Village?

We couldn't be more delighted and elevated!

Come on over with your first month FREE and no long term commitment (which means you can stay as long as you'd like)!

Soul Tribe Villagers Gain

~Monthly Group Call Where you get to receive Psychic Insight from Melissa on the question you were seeking.  This will be on a zoom platform, recorded, and posted in the Soul Tribe Village in case you missed the call and submitted a question previously

~Monthly Healing and Channeling from Melissa's Spirit Guides Melissa taps into her spirit guides and receives their messages for us a collective.  

~Monthly Mantra to help you understand the energy of the month and to ground into the mantra as a way of guidance and a tool to help you center during the energy movement during the month

~Monthly Crystal Bowl Meditation where you get to relax into the mystical sounds of Crystal Bowls by Salvatore Vitale and journey in a guided meditation by Melissa Windell

~Spiritual Community to be part of something bigger than yourself with like minded people who want to grow and become expanded in their spirituality

~Private Village Group on FB the place where you get to open up and be vulnerable to those in a safe, welcoming, and loving container

~Access to Recent Archives where you get to dive in as many times as you'd like on recent meditations and channelings

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