Melissa Windell has been serving Boulder Cty since 2005 as a spiritual counselor, Energy Healer, Intuitive Reader, House Blessings, and Visionary.

 1 hr~ Psychic and Medium Readings (in person or long distance) ~ $260

 Psychic readings are a powerful way to receive clarity and an understanding of your present path, intuitive guidance to your future, and healing of your past.  They help remove obstacles that block you from your true desires; as well as, clear out karma, remove spirits, update energetic DNA, and connect you with your angels, spirit guides, past lives, and with those passed over.  


1 hr~ Angel/Reiki Healing - $260    (in person)

 Angel Healing is a phenomenal way of letting go of undesired energy, pain, and/or tightness in the body that does not serve a higher purpose.  In this session the angels come forth to give the highest level of clearing and healing.  This session is done on the body in a "Hands on Healing" process.

2 Hour Session~  1 hr psychic reading followed by a 1 hr Angel Healing $500

This session offers deep change on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level than deeply enhanced by re-aligning the physical body to match the new vibration that the consciousness and subconscious will be awakening to.  You may also choose to have a full two hour reading in this time frame.  This can be determined at time of service what will best serve you.

Child Sessions (12 and under)

Together the child and I open up to ways to support them in there energetically sensitive bodies while we process and work thru some of the spiritual emotional sides of life.  (If your child is seeing is having night terrors, highly emotional, seeings spirits, or anything else you'd like to support them with~~~ it is in the best interest for the parent to have the session for the child, for it is easier to work thru the parent to support the child and than if need be; a follow up with the child at a later time).  You may book this service thru one of the services above.

1 Hour reading + 1/2hr follow up reading ($390.00)

This is a great way to ask questions after the first session.  The follow up session will be booked at the first session.

Ask 1 Question ($50.00)

When booking this session please note that the answer to your question will be answered on the following Tuesday or Thursday.  When filling out the form please ask your question in the space that says "Is there anything else you'd like Melissa to know."

4 Pack 1 hr long Sessions (Can be mixed with readings/ healings)($900.00)

This is for the person who wants deep radical change.  A person who knows they have a emotional blocks, trauma, pain of any sort from physical to mental to emotional pain, and would like to heal, and feel free from your past experiences, and become invigorated for life again.  This is for you.

House or Office Clearing - $500 for 1.5 hours ($300min.)

House or Office clearings are a great way to remove spirits that have inhabited a space and to reset the vibration to one of desire.  Once the clearing is done we do a blessing and seal the home, so it is safe and filled with love.  ***For this service please visit the contact page with potential dates to book the time.


Psychic Parties~$360 ~and Events will vary

Psychic parties consist of 6 people where each person gets to either ask one question or connect with someone passed over.  The party lasts app. between 1- 1.5 hrs and is within 20 miles. Addt'l costs may apply if further. 

Events held at stores or specific events please visit contact ***To book a session or further questions please visit the contact page the date you'd like to book.


***Now accepting cash, check, and credit cards***

Embrace the Colors Within you, the Colors of Change.  ~Melissa Windell