All the same things as our Psychic School 101 program but in a 1-on-1 setting.

This is ideal if you have social anxiety, or long for a more personal connection that is shaped more towards you, in the sense that when things come up or questions we can elaborate more deeply on them, and the teaching is more specified to your learning style.

Are you yearning for something more?

Something that entices your intuition? Your connection with yourself? Your ability to “know”?

Are you desiring to do something BIGGER than yourself? To help other people? To help yourself?

To develop a gift that you’ve always had within, but NEVER knew how to use it?

Do you feel EVERYTHING? And want to learn how to hone in, support, know, and understand what you’re feeling?

Psychic School may just be the most SPECTACULAR thing you have ever done for YOURSELF!

16 years ago Melissa was introduced to her first Psychic and her WHOLE life CHANGED... for the best. 16 years ago she started listening to her intuition, and she started honoring her true self.

Now she is ready to open the doors to help you understand you, so you may use YOUR gift to bring into the World in whichever way your heart desires!

This 9 month Psychic School 101 is designed to help you with just that!


~Support yourself energetically

~Learn your own body’s personal vibration

~How to be connected with the Earth and your Higher Self

~Clean out other people’s energy field

~Learn how to clean out your own energy

~Create Sacred Space within YOURSELF, and in your environment

~Learn how to use your “hands” to heal

~Meet your Spirit Guide and learn how to work with him or her

~How to intuitively read another person

~How to read another person’s aura

~Learn how to cut energetic cords in a healthy and loving way

~Learn about Past Lives and Karma and how to understand them

~Learn how to give a FULL hour long reading to a complete stranger

~Learn how to Utilize the GIFT that was BORN within you!

~9 months long

~We meet once a week for 2 hour increments

~3 weeks on 1 week off each month

~In person or long distance

~At Earth Feather Healings office @ 440 Main St. in Longmont, CO or long distance

~$600 a month for 9 months

~You will receive 1 free 30min energy healing within the first 3 months, unlimited 1-on-1 sessions at a discounted rate of $125 an hour, and 20% off any Earth Feather Healing Events!

~Click here if you are ready to TRANSFORM your LIFE