In the womb of the motherland on the Southern Island of New Zealand nestled in a delicious pocket of ocean, rivers, forest, and sisters.

An 8 day 7 night journey into the sacred heart of your soul. Jaguar Yolande Carrell, founder of The International Women’s School, and Melissa Windell, founder of Earth Feather Healings and practitioner of The Women’s School, as well as facilitator of the Sacred Rose and is active in the Feminine Healer program both thru the Jaguar’s teaching. They have come together to create an utmost spectacular experience for any women yearning to Awake.

In this magical womb land of the Southern Island of New Zealand in Golden Bay where we will be replenished by the ancient land of the Pupu Springs where it is spoken in legend that the Pupu Springs is the purest of water. It’s gift is one to be said of healing and the place ceremonial blessings.

We wombyn will be delightfully staying on most supreme destination on land that is a stroll through the grass to the ocean or thru an orchard to a river, or inside a great room where we will gather many times to journey into the inner lands of sacred divine feminine.

You will be held in a space of love, humbleness, encouragement, and you will become vibrant in your soul’s expression.

You will be nourished with a most amazing meal plan that is bound to make your mouth drool and your body joyful.

Please dive into the land down under and journey into an experience that will wrap you with great abundance for a lifetime.

Awake Retreat

January 9, 2020- January 16, 2020.

All inclusive, does not include airfare.

Payment Plans Available:

Pay in full, $500 down and the rest billed out monthly until Complete, or CREATE your own payment plan. To

$200 off if booked before may 31st (price taken off at time of payment)

$100 off if booked before July 31st

Last day to register is October 31st

$1,775 Bunk Bed in shared room - PAY in FULL

$1,775 Futon Bed -PAY in FULL

$1,975 Single Bed in shared room - PAY in FULL

$2,050 Double Bed - PAY in FULL

$2,250 Queen Bed - PAY in FULL

$2,450 King Bed - PAY in FULL

To CREATE a payment plan please contact Melissa to create your DREAM vacation!



A most divine sanctuary to open your heart and let your spirit shine.

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A Sacred Mountain formed of pure crystals underneath. Exquisitely magical.

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Ancient waters where a natural spring arises and raises your body’s frequency.