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Have you ever wanted to deepen your connection with the Earth?

Do you desire to be outside and go for walks in nature but could use a little motivation?

Would you enjoy connecting with other like minded, spiritual, and heart centered people?

Do you want to learn how to hear her, Mother Earth/Gaia/Pachamama’s, messages and feel her energy, and heal with her?

Then this IS the SPOT for you!

We will meet 1x a month on a Saturday from 11-1pm for 3 months! Each time we meet we will meet at the location (see below) and we will do light walking/hiking followed by learning about the nature around us, light plant ID’ing, and you will learn how to become more intune with Nature. We will then do a guided meditation on site and silent journaling. The last meet up will be longer for we will do all of the above and more. We will work with one or more local plants very closely, and you will learn how to make a flower essence from them, receive the medicine of the flower essence, and get to take home the flower essence we created.

The outdoor class costs $60 a month for 3 months.

Requirements: Good Shoes, able to walk, kindness, able to drive or carpool. You will want to bring a water bottle, light snack, sun hat, a journal to write in! We will walk/hike rain or shine! (Rain is one of the most beautiful times to walk in! So dress prepared). The trails are all easy to moderate trails, good for beginners or more advanced (all levels).

We will meet on these Saturdays from 11:00am-1:00pm

June 22nd (Rabbit Mountain-Lyons)

July 13th (Ceran St. Vrain Trail-Jamestown)

Aug 10th - 11:00am-4:00pm (Jamestown- location will be given at later date). This is where we will make the flower essences. You’ll want to pack more food and water for this day. The location will be car accessible, so you won’t have to carry your extra food and water around).

Your children are welcome to join (for free) but they must be able to sit in meditation quietly for up to half an hour or more and be able to stay with the group.

Cost is $60 a month for 3 months

To register please click here!

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Meet and Paint your Guardian Angel
1:00 PM13:00

Meet and Paint your Guardian Angel

Have you ever wondered who watches over you and makes sure you’re okay? Who has saved you from that near-death experience? Or have you ever said, “I must have someone watching over me”?

Well what if you got to have the opportunity to meet them? That special someone who watches over you?

What an incredible feeling to know who is with you and keeping you safe! And allows you to ask them for help or guidance.

You will receive all of this in this event. This is will be held in a very safe and loving atmosphere with ZERO SKILLS necessary! AND as always….zero judgement!

You will be guided step by step through the whole workshop!

You will experience a small guided visual activity where you will be introduced lovingly to your guardian angel, and then we will have a little fun painting them!

Again zero experience necessary….just an open heart and a willingness!

Paint and canvas will be provided! Please wear clothes you are comfortable in and okay to get a little messy in!

Come join the fun and gain enlightenment to your self and a keep sake to go home with!

Cost: $40 pre registration or $50 day off

To RESERVE your space sign up here!

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11:30 AM11:30


Flower Essence is a most profound way of healing. The medicine from the plant is derived energetically; therefore, it helps support the emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of oneself.

Working with plants has been something that has been a powerful life line in Earth Feather Healings medicine. For it helps create a way to have continual support through any life events, or emotional needs. It helps in a way that is longer lasting and is a great ally to have in your pocket book of “home remedies”.

This workshop you'll learn about flower essences, how they help you on a spiritual/emotional/ mental level, the power of their medicine, HOW to make them, and you get to make your OWN remedy to go home with!

Cost: $30 advance $40 day


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Mother Daughter Goddess Gathering
2:00 PM14:00

Mother Daughter Goddess Gathering

Join us for a very special Longmont Mother Daughter Goddess Circle! Bring your mom or your daughter even a niece or a sister! Or join us and open to the possibility of new chosen family to grow and heal with. We will focus on connection with our fellow goddesses and the playful goddess and little girl within! What can we create in our lives and the lives of others when we support each other in rising, ladies? Come Play!

Co-Hosting with Amber Moore

Cost is 30$ for mother and daughter 5$ for each additional child and $20 for Adults

At Left Hand Yoga Studio 1811 Hover St.

Longmont, Colorado 80501

To Register please click here.

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