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 A 9 month journey of learning, connecting, and deepening your wisdom with Ancient Female Archetypes, Your Own Soul, and Your Body.

First Class Begins Oct. 5th on the beginning cycle of the New Moon. 

Are you yearning to learn more about your femininity?

Are you craving a deeper connection with your intuition?

Do you feel lost and alone and want to feel connected with others and with something bigger than yourself?

The Sacred Rose Circle is a 9 month exploration where we journey within to connect with our sacred Femininity in collaboration with Ancient Female Archetypes that help us navigate life.  

You will feel a sense of deep inner connectedness within your own vessel, an inner webbing of support thru Divine Feminine, and an inner confidence that glows from the inside out.  

This will be a very intimate setting of myself and 6 other sisters who will journey together for the 9 month birthing process of your inner awakening.  

We will meet once a month around either the New Moon or the Full Moon for nine months.  

There are 4 spots left.  

Are one of these spots calling you into this tribe of sisterhood, wombynhood, divine feminine?   

If you have been yearning for connection with other females, to widen your intuition, seeking guidance, desiring to learn, and a deeper connection with your higher self, then this Sacred Rose Circle is your golden thread to this connection.  Sign up here.

Come along for this 9 month journey of deepening into other realms of female archaeology, ancestry, and Divine Feminine Goddesses. 

Enrollment is open now open for the 9 month program.  Limited Space available to only 6 women (4 spots left) who wish to raise their connection to their spirit.

Cost is $60 a month for 9 months.

Register HERE 

I look forward to seeing the Feminine flow thru your energy.


*All curriculum harvested from The Women's School taught by Jaguar Star

*Melissa Windell is a Certified Sacred Rose Facilitatrix