An Unconventional Woman

I want it ALL.

I have chosen to be a woman.

A mother.

A single mother.

A single mother who tries her best to co-parent.

A multi business owner.

I drive a truck and mow the lawn in a dress.

I climb on roofs and clean gutters wearing all white.

I walk the neighborhood in my robe.

I own steel toe boots and still find reasons to wear them.

I try to pee outdoors as often as I can.

I smile constantly.

I laugh in hopes it is contagious.

I am bound by laws that I constantly want to break.

I am free at heart.

I am a lover.

A fighter.

An Edge Pusher.

A doer.

A creator.

I chose it all.

I am a successful career woman.

I am an amazing mother.

I could be a better daughter and sister.

When I choose to have a partner, I am an amazing lover.

When I was born, I was born unto a soul of a wise crone woman.

I was gifted the spirit of a bewildered, tame-less, innocent child.

I live in a body of a sensual, vivacious, erotic woman. Who lives on the edge in all that she does.

I am a woman.

Strong, vulnerable, honest, proud, humble, loving, caring, soft.

I am raw.

I am a woman.

I carry my heart with kindness, grace, and openness.

I hold the light within my womb.

A place to feel, be, hold, nourish, love, surrender.

I carry my heart on my sleeve for all to see.

In good faith that others will behave, and be brave.

I am a woman. Strong. Proud. Me.



Life offers us many chances to Re-Create, Re-Align, Re-Design.  Four months ago I looked at a friend and said, "Either my life or I need a U-Haul," at the same time we said "BOTH."  And U-Haul is just what I did!  I moved homes, towns, and offices in 2 months time.

I believe we are the MASTERS of our own lives, and we can manifest them to our hearts desires.  I choose daily to practice humbleness, accountability, forgiveness, and love.  It is not always easy, and we all have triggers, but what you want to give your POWER to is your own GIFT to HOLD.

Stone Mountain Lodge Ghost Clearing

In a small mountain town, Lyons, CO, Melissa does a spiritual and ghost clearing.  Knowing nothing about this land upon arriving, she meets many spirits who passed over that helped shape the town including the death of a whole family, murder, and more.